Miami Dolphins Draft assault continues Day Two

Lisa Johnson
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By Lisa Johnson // @LJ1303

As the Miami Dolphins approached rounds two and three of the 2020 NFL Draft, they held two picks in the second round (39-56 picks overall), followed by the 70th pick in round 3.

With the 39th pick, the Miami Dolphins selected Louisiana tackle, Robert Hunt. This guy is a beast. At 6’5″ and 323 pounds, Hunt played mostly right tackle for the Ragin Cajuns. Miami was sure to add more protection for their star pick, quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, who just happens to be a left-handed quarterback.

After the selection “I’m excited to get down to Miami,” Hunt said. “I can play any position that the O-Line coach needs me to play.”  It’s a nice surprise to see Miami address the needs of the team and build it the right way. It all starts in the trenches.

Miami quickly regrouped and prepared themselves for their second pick of the night, the 56th overall selection. With that selection, the Dolphins went with Alabama defensive tackle, Raekwon Davis.

The selection of Davis was a surprise, as the Dolphins still have a strong need for a running back. This was the spot many had them targeting someone for the backfield. By going with Davis, Miami could use him to help fill some holes along that defensive line. Davis brings with him some much-needed toughness and natural ability to stop plays at the point of attack. “I feel like I can play anywhere. I’m comfortable anywhere. We ran so many different schemes.” said Davis.

While the Raekwon Davis pick left many Dolphins fans scratching their heads about not taking a running back, Miami’s next selection proved to push fans even farther into the “what are we doing” zone.

Miami used their third-round pick (70th overall) on Texas safety Brandon Jones. This pick even threw me a bit. Why would we need another safety?

It wasn’t until the video conference that I fell in love with this pick. This kid is a football player, a true Brian Flores guy. The versatility of this kid is endless. He loves to play on special teams, having recorded several blocked punts while becoming a team captain.

One of the things that stood out for me?  The kid loves to study film. He even asked his agent to collect Dolphins film, which Coach Flores mentioned in his presser. “Just because you ask for film doesn’t mean you’re going to get drafted here.” He was a player that they studied and realized he was the type of player that could help this team.

Miami enters day three with nine picks. Grier was asked if he would use those as leverage to either move up or down the Draft during the late rounds. “We’ll take it as it comes. We might move up or we might move down or we might just use them all.”

So far, the Miami Dolphins have stayed on course and are utilizing every pick. Will today be different? We shall see.

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