Miami Dolphins lay the foundation on day one of the 2020 NFL Draft

Lisa Johnson
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By Lisa Johnson // @LJ1303

Coming into the 2020 NFL Draft with three picks in the first round, the Miami Dolphins were poised to make some noise. There were rumors swirling all day about the Dolphins moving up to secure a quarterback or offensive lineman. But, Dolphins general manager Chris Grier held fast.

The Miami Dolphins didn’t flinch and grabbed Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa with the fifth overall pick. Despite his season ending hip injury he suffered in November 2019, Tagovailoa has been on the Dolphins radar all year.  Grier said the team felt comfortable with his health. Coach Brian Flores then added that Tagovailoa was the guy they felt at the end of the day would be the best fit for the Dolphins.

After landing their quarterback, the Dolphins went back to work.  Having a left handed quarterback meant that Miami would need a right tackle to protect his blind side. With the 18th pick Miami went with USC tackle Austin Jackson.  Interesting fact, in the summer of 2019 Jackson donated bone marrow to his younger sister. Which already speaks volumes of the young man.

We spoke with Jackson after his selection by the Dolphins via video conference.  Jackson said he was happy that the Dolphins believe in him.  He said that he’ll play left tackle or right tackle, where ever he is needed.  He’s just looking forward to his opportunity here in Miami.

The Dolphins finally made a trade with their third first round pick.  They gave the Green Bay Packers their 26th pick, allowing Green Bay to take Utah State quarterback Jordan Love.

The Dolphins got the 30th pick and selected Auburn cornerback Noah Igbinoghene.  This pick was a bit of a surprise. The only interaction the Dolphins had with Igbinoghene was at his pro-day in Auburn. Knowing Coach Flores’s defensive background, and going along with Grier’s thoughts that “this is a passing league”, Coach Flores loves a stable full of cornerbacks. According to him, you can never can have to many cornerbacks in this League.

Igbinoghene started his career as a wide receiver. He made the switch to cornerback because he “didn’t like when a cornerback would get right up on him.”  After making the switch, he adopted the style of an aggressive press corner, because he knew [that style] affected him when he played wide out.

Miami came into this first round with a plan, and both Flores and Grier stuck to that plan. And that seemed to please Dolphins fans worldwide.

Day 2 of the NFL Draft continues tonight, and the Dolphins will have the 39th and 56th pick in the second round, and the 70th pick in the third round.


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