Mistakes, missed field goals result in Packers 31-23 loss to Lions

Lucy Rendler-Kaplan
Green Bay Packers Reporter

By Lucy Rendler-Kaplan // @LUCYrk78 

Detroit Lions 31 – Green Bay Packers 23

The Green Bay Packers were plagued by a series of poor calls and poor plays again Sunday, as they fell to the Detroit Lions 31-23 Sunday.

The most glaring – kicker Mason Crosby missed four field goals and an extra point attempt before finally getting one through with just 2 seconds left in the game.

According to ESPN Stats & Information research, he became the first NFL kicker to miss four field goals and an extra point in the same game since Rolf Benirschke of the Chargers in 1980. At one point, Crosby even changed his cleats after missing his third field goal in the first half.

“Something had to go,” Crosby said of the cleats. “I kind of made an adjustment and — I have three or four pairs broken in every game so it’s not unusual for me to do that. But I felt like I needed something to try to spur on the next one.” Had Crosby made his field goals and extra point, it’s almost safe to say the Packers would have won.

From the very start of the game, something just seemed off with the Packers. Nothing was really clicking. Besides Crosby, the other biggest frustration had to be special teams. After stopping Detroit on the first drive, the Packers attempted to field a deep punt, and during a review, the referees determined it had hit Kevin King while landing.

Despite multiple reviews and video that seemed to contradict this quite clearly, the Packers’ special teams essentially gave the Lions a touchdown. The mistakes just piled on after that. Multiple penalties on kickoffs cost the Packers field position and at least 20 points.

There is no doubt that I’m a die-hard Packers fan. Living in enemy territory (Chicago), I proudly wear my Green Bay gear and will gladly discuss why we have the greatest quarterback in the NFL in Aaron Rodgers anytime I can. But I have to acknowledge – the Packers are not a good team right now.

Is Mike McCarthy to blame? That’s the easy answer. You can easily point to his play calling and lack of urgency. Special teams, particularly Josh Jones is another source of contention.

And now comes the hardest part. After Week 1’s heroic comeback, Rodgers has just not been the league MVP we know him to be. Case in point? Two of Rodgers’ fumbles Sunday cost the team 10 points that the Lions happily took. I think his knee accounts for a lot of his current struggles.

Rodgers being Rodgers, he holds onto the ball for a very long time, but now, his knee isn’t letting him be as mobile as he normally can be and he’s getting sacked more than usual. As usual, the offense should be protecting the ball better and they’re just not right now.

Too often, this team is just not consistent. We cannot keep looking to Aaron Rodgers to pull off superhero moves in the second half to make up for slow starts. A lot will need to improve before next week when the Green Bay Packers take on the San Francisco 49ers.


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