Mock Draft 2017

By Liz Panucci // @PanucciLiz

It’s Mock Draft Time Again – 1st Round

Last year’s winner was Lisa Johnson. Who will it be this year?

Open to anyone who wants to submit (maximum one per person).

If you’re a veteran at this, you know how it’s done.

CALLING ALL ROOKIES: THIS IS FUN! Come give it a try. To be honest, luck is a huge part of winning this.

YOU COULD WIN ONE OF THESE COINS! (every team available)

Visit their awesome fan site

How to do a mock draft. Simply get a piece of paper and write numbers 1 through 32 down the page. Beside each number write the team who CURRENTLY is scheduled to draft at that number >> Here’s link. Sidenote: Teams have the option to trade up/down with another team. If you think there is a team desperate to get a player, switch the teams to the respective different draft number.

Then, write a player’s name, who is eligible to be drafted, beside the team name. A little research on positions needed for each team can greatly increase your odds.

You will receive 1 point for each correct selection.  Example:

Pick #1  Cleveland Browns  Myles Garrett

  • Receive 1 point if Garrett is picked in the first round (by any team)
  • Receive 1 point if Garrett is drafted by Cleveland Browns (no matter what pick #)
  • Receive 1 point if Garrett is the #1 pick (by any team)

There is a possible total of 96 points (32 picks x 3). Person with highest number of points wins!


  • Open to anyone
  • Must be submitted by April 26, 2017 midnight ET

Email your Mock Draft – 1st Round to: listing all 32 spots, the team and your player pick. Include your name and twitter/facebook contact info.

Winner announced and contacted April 30, 2017.  You will then be connected with The Fan Coin to receive your team specific coin. A very popular prize!

Good Luck, Everyone

WINNER: Lisa Johnson….again (2 years in a row)

She’s very happy with her prize!

See you next year.

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