My long overdue thoughts on the Super Bowl

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By Roxana Herrera // @rxnlzbth

Eagles – 41 Patriots – 33

I have been MIA because I have been on cloud 9. I literally have not watched or paid attention to anything else other than reliving Super Bowl LII since February 4th. If it wasn’t for my phone ringing with notifications of the latest news in sports, or the world, I would have no clue what is even happening. But, I didn’t want to let February go by without giving my thoughts on the best game ever in the history of football (I SWEAR I’m not being biased).

As I mentioned earlier, I have watched the game over and over and over. In fact, I’ve watched it so many times, my two-year-old son can call out the plays. No, I’m kidding, but my four-year-old son can.

Seriously though, in the history of football plays, was the Philly Special not one of the greatest, gutsiest calls ever made?! My eyes were on quarterback Nick Foles the entire play and I started to panic seeing him go behind the right tackle because I was afraid the clock was going to wind down, but then the ball snaps, and it’s a trick play, and Oh. My. Goodness…Foles is in the end zone?? I mean, that was just nasty. Beautiful, but nasty.

The entire offense played with such intensity and perseverance, it was hard not to get emotional throughout the game. Running back Jay Ajayi was spectacular to watch. All of the RBs were!  Corey Clement stepped up when he needed to and LeGarrette Blount was running like his life depended on it.

I was happy to see wide receiver Nelson Agholor ‘s role grow as the year went on because he and Foles made a great team.  It was just a force to be reckoned. Veteran receiver Torrey Smith was a beast, Alshon Jefferey made some incredible catches, and the offensive line made me proud. They were considered one the best O-lines in the NFL, and they lived up to it this game.

This Nick Foles-led offense made me so happy, and was so fun to watch. 

Now, I know the result of the game, and I know it ultimately doesn’t matter, but I can’t help but be frustrated with the way the defense played. So many missed tackles and receivers being left wide open. I understood that our corners would be mismatched against Rob Gronkowski, but there was no reason that they should have allowed over 500 yards!

The defense let me down up until the 4th quarter. With 2:09 left, the defensive play by Brandon Graham, which caused a fumble and was recovered by the Eagles, turned the game around. It was nerve-wracking but it was at that point I knew that there was no way we were losing this game.

I had a late reaction to the win. I didn’t even realize there were only nine seconds left in the game when Tom Brady threw the hail mary to Gronkowski. My whole thought process was “please don’t catch it” or “someone please pick it”. After the ball fell on the ground I was so nervous that the refs would call a pass interference, I hadn’t noticed the clock had run out and the had Eagles won.

The drought was over. The Philadelphia Eagles were world champions! The underdogs beat the dynasty! Words will never be able to explain the amount of joy that is in my heart. This win meant so much to me and all Eagles fans. Usually, we pour our hearts and energy into this team game in and game out, giving them all we have to offer only to come up emotionally exhausted with nothing to show for our support. But not this year. This year, we won.  

I loved everything about this season. I loved everything about this team. They were resilient all year long. They were gritty, they fought, and they came out champions. I can’t wait to tell my kids and their kids about this game… if I can brainwash them enough to be Eagles fans, that is.

Congratulations, Philadelphia Eagles!  


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