My Super Early Super Bowl Prediction

By Roxaan Herrera @roxaaneh

FINALLY: Football season is just around the corner!!

Okay, so more like it’s on the other side of town, but with the release of the NFL schedule, we are one step closer to the best time of the year!

Even with the start of the 2017 NFL season being months away, and after literally staring at the Philadelphia Eagles‘ schedule for hours after its release, I think I have a pretty good idea on how it will turn out. I can be totally wrong at the end of the year or I can be a total psychic and be 100% correct. Either way, it won’t matter because every year is our year and I will die before ever admitting, at any given moment, that we are not Super Bowl contenders.

The Philadelphia Eagles start off the season on the road. They head to Washington to play the Redskins and then fly to Kansas City a week later. I’ll be (slightly) realistic and say we go 1-1. It’s always tough to play two straight road games no matter what time of the season, plus with a seasoned head coach in Andy Reid, it can be a grueling game for Doug Pederson coaching against his former boss.

Next up, the New York Giants visit us at home and any game against them is always fun and scrappy. It’ll be an easy win though. From there, Eagles travel all the way down to my home state and county, to play the (new? Updated?) Chargers. The only true battle about playing Los Angeles will be the traffic as I have them going 4-1 before heading back home to play the Cardinals.  Arizona is always tough to play, but with the long flights across the country, I think it’ll get the better of the Eagles and I have them falling to the Cardinals only to bounce back and defeat the Panthers.

It has been a while but the football gods have graced our schedule with three, that’s right THREE, straight home games. First victim is Washington; I see us going 2-0 against the Redskins.  Second, the 49ers visit Lincoln Financial Field and leave with a loss. The Denver Broncos are next up in line to face us at home. Their defense is still ranked pretty high even though some key players have left, and the old adage “defense wins games” still holds true to this day. It’s going to be a close game but Broncos will pull out the win in the end.

Which leaves us at 6-3 heading into a much deserved BYE week.

The last leg of the schedule was a lot tougher to predict. Eagles travel to Dallas to play the Cowboys and end the season with them coming up to us. Playing in Dallas is always challenging but I see us losing to the Cowboys for the first game in the series but we make up for that loss by winning the next four games. Yes, even the Seahawks will fall to their rival bird. The final two games are at home but with very physical opponents. The Oakland… wait, no, the Las Vegas Raiders will stop by, followed by the Cowboys. The worst outcome would be losing both games, but I have faith in the Eagles and have pulling out a win with a final record of 11-5.

And dare I say, in my very biased, but humble, opinion, I can see us winning it all come February 4, 2018. What a great birthday present that would be (for me, at least).

It’s not going to be easy. Carson Wentz is playing his sophomore year and many have fallen victim to the “Sophomore Slump”. The Eagles have made positive progress so far this offseason and we still have yet to see who else will join us come NFL Draft day. Stay tuned for updates!

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