New York Jets still looking for that head signal caller

Marquita Quinones NY Jets contributor

By Marquita Quinones //@Latinlove729

Unfortunately for the New York Jets, the game on Thursday night against the Washington Redskins left more questions than answers in regards to who will be the Jets starting quarterback.

Both rookie quarterback Sam Darnold and the more experienced QB Teddy Bridgewater are up for the job. Darnold had somewhat of a shaky start. It was not the performance he was expecting, and am sure Coach Todd Bowles was hoping to see more since Sam had missed the first practice at training camp, but this was not Darnold’s night. Although his performance was not bad, the New York Jets would like to see a clearer picture of who will be there starting quarterback.

Darnold went 8 for 11 and 62 yards. He made some impressive throws, but his last one was a turnover in the red zone. Head coach Todd Bowles did, however, absolve Darnold by blaming the mistake on poor play calling.

Darnold started the first half with the 1’s, but then it was Teddy Bridgewater’s turn. And if you were expecting to see an injury prone Bridgewater, it didn’t happen in this game.

Teddy Bridgewater looked good as he went 10 for 15 and 127 yards. He also provided the highlight of the evening when he completed a 17-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Charone Peake. Unfortunately, he would face an interception as he overthrew the ball to Charles Johnson

Bridgewater who had a promising career with the Minnesota Vikings as a starter suffered a horrible knee injury in 2016 and has been trying to make the comeback ever since. He was able to take several hits and looked to come away unscathed even being quoted as saying he had carried the ball a couple of times just to get hit to test out his knee. Bowles jokingly commented, “I told him I have a neighborhood where he could get hit quite a bit if that’s what he wants.”

Let’s remember there is a third player in the running for this coveted position and that is Josh McCown. McCown didn’t get any playing time during Thursday game but if you look at his stats during training camp he is still in the running. With 218 reps and 80 of 120 passing his average was 66.7 percent

Bowles went on to clarify that the quarterback decision has been cloudy since day one and it still has not changed. Bowles realizes that the preseason is just getting underway and there is still time to allow each candidate a chance to win that spot.

It will be a fun competition to watch.


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