NFC East – Injuries, Ugly Losses and a Stand-out Rookie Receiver

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By Sonja Greenfield  // @Mom23RN

Well then.  It’s been a rocky couple of weeks for the NFC East.

This was to be the week that they all got it back together. For the most part, anyway.

The Eagles were in a good matchup against the Vikings, and it was to be a statement game for them. Overall, this division isn’t shaping up the way most thought at the beginning of the season, and that is giving rise to some concern for the teams.

Let’s go around and check in on the teams.

New York Giants. I’ll start with them because they were playing with house money this year as no one had high expectations for them. Even after benching veteran quarterback Eli Manning for their rookie QB Daniel Jones, there was a spark, but they came back to earth quickly. Injuries have hampered their efforts, and after a loss to the Patriots last week, they look to come back healthy against the Cardinals. Hopefully, as the week goes on, they will get some good news about running back Saquon Barkley, wide receiver Sterling Shepard, and maybe even tight end Evan Engram.

Philadelphia Eagles.  This team has been very up and down, but more down than up. In what should have been a decent game against a struggling quarterback, the Eagles couldn’t find their own offense. Injuries have hurt this team as well, but the Vikings are a good defensive team. Next up, they have the faltering Dallas Cowboys who are coming off of an unexpected loss to the New York Jets.  This would be a good game for the Eagles to get back on track.

Dallas Cowboys: Normally, I would try to sugar coat their loss, but I can’t even do that. It was ugly, but it does leave them at a crossroads as well. Does Jason Garrett’s seat get a little warmer?  Probably, but I don’t think anything will happen. Is QB Dak Prescott who we thought? Probably not. That game, Prescott needed to win, especially if he wants the money that he’s asking for. This really is a throwback to my article from last week. I will say this: while the division is still up for grabs, if Dallas thinks they can win, something needs to change.  Sooner, rather than later.

Washington Redskins:  So, maybe I should have started with them since they were the only NFC East team to win this week. But I’ll go save the best for last style. They got their first win of the post-Gruden era. And not only that, one of their rookies continues to shine. Wide receiver Terry McLaurin had another touchdown to give him 6 on the year.  That’s the most among rookie wide receivers this year. Next week Washington takes on a red hot San Fransico team. Now, as they say, “Any Given Sunday,” but that Sunday may not be next Sunday.


The NFC East is sort of a mess right now, but it’s still up for grabs.

It’ll be fun watching these next few games!


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