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By Sonja Greenfield  //@Mom23RN

Unlike the NFC North that I wrote about yesterday, not everyone in the NFC East won last Sunday.  But it’s now time to reset and get ready to kick off week 4.  It’s been an eventful week for the NFC East from hilarious to frustrating. Let’s head around and take a peek at the action.

New York Giants: This week was rookie quarterback Daniel Jones’s first start. He had a record-breaking performance, and lead the Giants to a comeback victory in Tampa Bay. The Giants twitter account had some time today to throw a little shade as well.  But with that win, came a loss in running back Saquon Barkley with a high ankle sprain.

But now it is time for RB Wayne Gallman to fill Barkley’s spot. While he’s obviously not Barkley, Gallman still was a reliable part of the Giants offense pre-Barkley.  Besides, now with Jones at quarterback, if he can keep up his performance against Washington this week, the offense will be very balanced.

Washington Redskins:  After the Bears defense rolled all over them, it’s time to ask when is it time for rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins.  Others are asking if it’s time for backup Colt McCoy.   And in some people’s mind’s its time to ask when is it time for coach Jay Gruden to go. Despite all of this controversy surrounding the team, there is a game this week against division rival Giants.  Even though they’re going against a rookie quarterback in Jones, if they play defense as they did in the first game against the Eagles, it could be a game. There’s a lot to figure out in Washington, and if they lose, it could be figured out much quicker.

Philadelphia Eagles:  Probably the biggest news to come out of Philadelphia after their loss to the Lions, was “Philly Fan”. The fan who was helping saving babies at a fire and took a shot at wide receiver Nelson Agholor.  But thankfully, Agholor was a very good sport about it and had a classy response.  While it’s easy to understand the fan’s frustration (because we’ve all felt that), Agholor’s response was perfect.  It seems like he gets “it”.  Instead of clapping back and starting a back and forth that could have been a bigger story, he took the high road, which is great.

Dallas Cowboys: The Cowboys are pretty much on cruise control.  Even despite a slow start, they handily beat the Miami Dolphins, and are looking ahead to a pretty big test in the New Orleans Saints. WR Amari Cooper had an MRI for ankle soreness but is still hoping to be a part of the lineup on Sunday. The Cowboys will be looking to slow RB Alvin Kamara and QB Teddy Bridgewater. The Saints had a huge win on the road in Seattle, will they be able to handle a super hot Dallas Cowboys team?  I know I’ll be waiting all day for Sunday Night!

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