NFC North: I got the POWER! Rankings that is…

Sonja Greenfield, Senior NFL Reporter NFC North, NFC East

By Sonja Greenfield // @Mom23RN

Do you want to know what I’m NOT a fan of?  Power rankings. Like at all. Seriously, has there ever been anything more useless than power rankings?  I think not.

They’re really just a ranking of who’s hot and who’s not.  Or stocks– as in who’s draft stock is up, and who’s draft stock is down. Despite all of that, guess what I’m doing this week for the NFC North.  You guessed it, power rankings. Why? Because MINE are fun, and I like to have fun. So please don’t take these too seriously at all!

Here are my End of Preseason/Pre Week 1 Power Rankings for teams in the NFC North.

1. Minnesota Vikings. They had a disappointing season last year. They bring in a new offensive coordinator, Ken Stefanski to help improve the offense, and work with quarterback Kirk Cousins. Despite this being Stefanki’s first year, they have Gary Kubiak as an offensive advisor to help as well. And hopefully, a healthy running back in Dalvin Cook.  But let’s be real with it…they get the top spot in the rankings, because of Lizzo’s Truth Hurts!  Her song has been everywhere, and she’s got a new man that plays for them! And they don’t play that part in Wisconsin, which makes it even better!

2.  Chicago Bears.  They get the number 2 spot because they at least won the division last season.  And, because I’m trying my hardest to be nice to rival teams this year. Their defense will still be one to reckon with, and it’ll be tough going against them.  And since most of the positions are set, their biggest issue was kickers, and who doesn’t like a good kicking competition.  May your kicker’s field goal attempt not get tipped in the playoffs!

3.  Green Bay.  “Beer chugging”, handlebar mustache having quarterback aside, Green Bay could be poised for a decent year.  They’re starting to work their way back to a perennial favorite to win the division, but they’ve got some work to do.  Besides, I wonder if all the State Farm in the world can protect Rodgers from Chicago’s defense.

4.  Detroit Lions…..(Shhhh….everyone’s sleeping on them.)  Let ’em sleep!


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