NFC South Week 1: One Team Stands on Top

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By Kate Arhar // @ClvlndK8

The NFC South entered Week 1 of the 2020 season with so many questions and story-lines that we couldn’t wait to see how they played out!

Quarterback Tom Brady has a new uniform after joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Teddy Bridgewater is a starter for the Carolina Panthers. Drew Brees is back for the New Orleans Saints and better than ever? And the Atlanta Falcons are, well, The Falcons…

Since the Bucs faced the Saints we knew at least one team in this division would have to come out of the weekend with a loss…. but THREE teams? I didn’t see that one coming!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 23
New Orleans Saints – 34 

QB Tom Brady threw two interceptions in his Tampa Bay debut. In general, the Bucs looked sloppy and unprepared.  To be fair, so did a lot of teams due to the weird COVID off-season, but still, it was surprising. We were all expecting Brady to just be his usual amazing self. Or were we? It’s going to take a few weeks to get this offense really playing well.

But the Saints made their share of mistakes as well, it’s just that Brees has been with this team for so long that they were able to overcome the minor issues. With no interceptions and taking only one sack, Brees managed the game really well. Add to that Alvin Kamara scored touchdowns running and receiving and you can see why the Saints are – at this point – the cream of the NFC South crop.

Week 2:  Saints head to Las Vegas to play the Raiders on Monday Night Football, and the Bucs face the Panthers.



Atlanta Falcons – 25
Seattle Seahawks – 38 

OK, um, OUCH! The Falcons really struggled this week, even with putting up 25 points. I have no idea if there’s something more going on there, or if the Seahawks really are as good as they looked on Sunday. My guess is it’s more the Seahawks, and that QB Matt Ryan and the Falcons will get things together pretty soon.

The Falcons had more offensive yardage than the Seahawks – 506 yards to 383 – with Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, and Russell Gage all collecting more than 100 receiving yards, but without converting on 3rd down or scoring, yards just don’t matter.

“The Seattle Seahawks let Russell Wilson do the cooking. The only thing he burned was the Atlanta Falcons.” –


AP Sports Writer

Yeah, Wilson looked really good but he’s not alone. Wide receiver DK Metcalf, tight end Greg Olsen and running back Chris Carson all scored and made it look easy. If everyone is having a “rusty week” as we get our first action of the season, I can only imagine just how good the Seahawks will be down the stretch!

Week 2: The Falcons will be facing the Dallas Cowboys in a 1:00 pm start.



Carolina Panthers – 30
Las Vegas Raiders – 34

With a rookie head coach in his first NFL game, you kind of had to expect Matt Rhule would make some mistakes, right? BUT… when you are trailing by four points with just over a minute on the clock and you need to convert a fourth-and-inches, you do not… NOT… give the ball to anyone but RB Christian McCaffrey, right? RIGHT?!?  UGH!

For some reason, they wanted to try this “trick” play with fullback Alex Armah but it didn’t work. Oh, it may have worked in a similar situation earlier in the game, but really? With the game on the line, you can’t just give the ball to McCaffrey? Double UGH! (And no, he’s not on any of my fantasy football teams!) HA!

QB Teddy Bridgewater looked pretty good and he seems to be forming a magic bond with WR Robby Anderson, taking advantage of some blown coverage and hitting him for a 75-yard TD strike, plus going back to him on the two-point conversion. Nice. Could be a promising duo this season!

Week 2: Panthers have a divisional game with the Bucs



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