NFL Free Agency – Quarterback Roulette

Kate Arhar
Senior Sports Editor

By Kate Arhar // @ClvlndK8 

As we near the end of the first week of 2019 NFL Free Agency, Quarterback Roulette seems to be the name of the game.

Many familiar faces have found new homes, while some are still sitting on the bench, waiting to see where they will land.

I guess if former NFL QB Johnny Manziel can get kicked out of Canada and land on the roster of the American Alliance of Football’s Memphis Express…. then there’s hope for everyone!

Let’s take a look at the QB moves from this week!

The biggest signing was most likely Nick Foles to the Jacksonville Jaguars. While I personally thing the Jags will regret the move, they intended to move away from Blake Bortles and Foles may prove to be more reliable. Signing the four year, $88 million deal and being the undisputed starter should keep Foles happy for a while.

Speaking of Bortles, he’s rumored to be signing with the L.A. Rams today. He should make a nice back-up for Jared Goff and may even play better if called upon without the pressure he faced as a starter with less than stellar talent around him.

The Miami Dolphins traded Ryan Tannehill to Tennessee which left many wondering who would be under center this season. Answer: Ryan Fitzpatrick! He of the Vaunted Beard should be accustomed to the warm Florida weather as he leaves Tampa Bay and heads south.

A few backups who have found new homes: Tyrod Taylor to the L. A. Chargers, Teddy Bridgewater to the New Orleans Saints and Brett Hundley to the Arizona Cardinals. While Taylor and Bridgewater certainly have hopes of being starters again, I’m not sure either of these teams are open to a QB competition.

And there are a few guys still looking to find a new home:  Josh McCown, A.J. McCarron, Blaine Gabbert and Mike Glennon to name a few. It seems like there is plenty of good talent available to fill backup roles and help out in case of (God forbid) an injury. After last season, we know all too well how important having a competent guy waiting in the wings can be.

It will be interesting to see if teams like the N.Y. Giants or Oakland Raiders pick up one of these guys, or if they find their next QB in the draft. This year doesn’t seem to have the largest crop of QB talent but you just never know.

On a personal note, I cannot express just how excited I am that the Cleveland Browns are NOT one of the teams making a splash in the QB market.  Thanks, Baker Mayfield!


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