NFL teams ready themselves for offseason

Lisa Johnson,
NFL Reporter

By Lisa Johnson // @LJ1303

While many NFL eyes were in Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII and the end of the 2018 season, 30 other NFL teams were already very busy preparing for the 2019 season. Teams with new head coaches scrambled to round out their staff, while draft boards started going up in every front office.

As the final seconds of the Super Bowl clicked off the clock, most fans put the season to rest. Many moved on to baseball, basketball, soccer, or hockey. While others still starving for some type of NFL action or news will turn their attention to the NFL calendar.

One good thing the NFL has gotten extremely good at is promoting offseason transactions and events. Making many of these events, which used to be closed, open to the public. Fans can enjoy the Combine, Draft, and of course, the all-important tickets to training camps.

As we all start the count down to the 2019 season, below are some key dates we should all keep our eye on.

February 9th: The Alliance of American Football begins its first season. In another attempt to keep football up front during the offseason, NFL Network and CBS will be airing the games live.

February 26March 4th: NFL Scouting Combine, Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis. What used to be a closed, quiet event, is now open to some fans, and the NFL network pretty much runs 24-hour coverage of this event.

March 13th: Free Agency begins at 4 pm. All eyes are glued to Twitter, Instagram, and pretty much all social media access points.

April 25-27: NFL draft. Both ESPN and NFL network will be Primetime for rounds 1, 2, and 3.

May 10-13: Many NFL clubs hold their 3-day post-draft rookie minicamp.

June:  Date still to be determined.  Rookie transition Programs. NFL has made attendance mandatory for all Rookie signings.

July: YES! The month that screams the NFL season will be upon us. Training camps open up around the league.

Aug 1st-4th:  NFL pre-season football is back!! Hall of fame weekend and game.

September 5th: The 2019 NFL Season begins!!

The offseason always feels like it takes forever, but truly, football has become a year-round sport.


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