NFL/XFL Religation: Could it happen?

Sonja Greenfield, Senior NFL Reporter NFC North, NFC East

By Sonja Greenfield // @Mom23RN

So, after being on my grad school grind for the past month or so, actually writing something NOT in APA format is well…. downright refreshing! Inserting a tweet is WAYYY easier than doing a proper APA reference page. However, I digress. Back to the matter at hand.

I came across this tweet yesterday:

I started thinking about it, and my first thought was honestly about English Premier League Soccer. I think that’s something similar to what they do in their League, right EPL fans??

But then, I actually thought about it.  I love this idea.  Like a lot.   I mean, it’s like the “Could Alabama/Clemson beat an NFL team” question, but actually on a more level playing field.

I also think that this could be a great way to keep the XFL going.  While it fizzled out on its last run, a lot of people are feeling that this time around it could stick.  Even though the XFL did have a good opening weekend, it’s way too soon to see how it’ll do in the long run.  BUT… connecting it with the NFL could do the trick. Of course, there’d be plenty of logistical hoops to jump through, but aside from that, it could get pretty interesting.

Since I’m in grad school, we’ve had to do case studies. So, let’s do a case study involving the Bengals. They were the worst team in the NFL this past season, and let’s say they lost to the best XFL team. How would that shape up?

Right off the bat, you’ve got questions. The XFL is playing right now. So, would the Bengals have to then start practice back up after about a 4 week off season? The XFL team would have to stop playing if they were now in the NFL and would have to now participate in free agency, the draft, training camp, etc.  The Bengals would have to switch gears and come up with an XFL game plan and strategy.  How does the draft work for the XFL?  What about the fans?  Would the fans now have to watch XFL games and teams? How would that work?

There’s a lot of logistics to consider, including stadiums. But at the same time, it could be downright fun. okI saw that at least some of you on Twitter felt that way.


So, while logistically there would be plenty to work out, and in reality, it most likely will never happen, but it’s fun to imagine if the two leagues could find some way to have at least one game together.  A preseason game maybe?

I guess though, it really all depends on if the XFL makes it this time around.


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