Nick Foles decides its time to move on from the Eagles. Where does he go?

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By Dayna O’Gorman // @DaynaOG

Always a bridesmaid, never the bride.

Even after being named MVP of a Super Bowl LII, even after saving the Eagles 2018 season and taking them to the playoffs, Philadelphia continued to tell quarterback Nick Foles he just wasn’t good enough. QB Carson Wentz, who has been injured the last two seasons, will be their starter. Foles decided that it was time to move on, and he paid $2 million to do it.

The Eagles had picked up Foles $20 million option, but that would mean he would continue to carry a clipboard for Wentz. Foles paid the fee to be released from that option, but Philadelphia still has the ability to franchise tag him. This would give the team the ability to trade him. It has been reported that multiple teams are interested in bringing Foles on board. This isn’t surprising considering the state of the quarterback situation in the NFL.

The million dollar question (and I mean MILLIONS) is where will he land? There are a few teams that have been linked with Foles, and all of them are definitely QB needy. I decided to ask the Twitter hive mind what they thought.

The most popular choice by far was the Jacksonville Jaguars. Jacksonville went from the AFC Championship in 2017 to just 5 wins and dead last in their conference in 2018. Although he lead them to the playoffs in 2017, most would agree that the missing piece among all the talent in JAX is QB Blake Bortles.

Enter Nick Foles. Former Eagles offensive coordinator John DeFilippo is now in Jacksonville so it seems an easy fit. It was brought up that Jacksonville may have cap issues, but we all know that cap space often appears, almost miraculously, when needed. Bringing in Foles could be exactly what the Jaguars need to take them back to the playoffs.

The other three teams listed all have QB needs, but maybe not to the extent Jacksonville does. Washington’s QB future is a bit up in the air, knowing Alex Smith is out for 2019 but may return the next season. The Redskins would have to be sure that Smith is done before signing someone who will demand such a large price.

Rumor has it that Miami has moved on from Ryan Tannehill. With new head coach Brian Flores taking over, we will have to see if he wants to start from scratch by drafting a quarterback, or will he want someone more proven until he can get the rest of the team ready.

Denver is the other intriguing landing spot for Foles. Ever since Peyton Manning retired, Denver has struggled with the QB position. Most expect general manager John Elway to draft a QB and try to mold him, and to be honest it makes the most sense. The Broncos gambled on a veteran free agent QB with Case Keenum and it wasn’t a success. Elway will want to try a young signal caller this time.

We also can’t forget that Foles isn’t the only veteran, winning quarterback that will be on the market this year. Ravens QB Joe Flacco will also be looking for a job and will probably be much cheaper than Foles. He may end up being the stopgap some teams are looking for.

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