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Dayna O’Gorman
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By Dayna O’Gorman // @DaynaOG

Tick tock says the clock. It is almost that time already. The 2021 NFL Training Camps are about to kick off in just a matter of weeks and while some fans may be content watching the NHL or NBA playoffs, many are just dying for football to return!

Training camp brings with it new hope. A new season full of “what could be”. New players, or players that have returned from injury, that are like shiny new toys to be excited about and loved. I decided it was time to check in with the fan forum, or at least those who weren’t on vacation, and see what players they were most excited to watch during training camp. A rookie with potential? A free agent vet who completes their team? So many things to look forward to, so let’s jump right in.

I wanted to talk to our Green Bay fan, Marcela Vargas, first. Packers fans have had a lot to deal with this offseason. QB drama is never an easy thing. I wanted to see what Packers fans were looking at to cheer themselves up. Well, it seems the future Hall of Famer is key to any Green Bay happiness.

“Before the summer, I was excited to see our younger running backs and the recently drafted WR Amari Rodgers at the training camp. However, with our QB debacle hanging over Lambeau, I’m most excited to see Aaron Rodgers back on the field. I know it’s a long shot, but losing Rodgers right now would mean a whole restructuring of the team, which has been built around Rodgers’ strengths and weaknesses.”

“He has a great dynamic on the field with Adams, Lazard, Valdes-Scantling, Jones, and Dillon. He brings a different game to the mix. I’m hoping he’ll be back. But if he doesn’t… then our hopes will rest on the very young and still inexperienced shoulders of Jordan Love.”

Now, there has been only one subject that Los Angeles Rams fans have been talking about all season, so it will be of no shock to anyone that our Rams fan, Derek, had just one player on his mind.

This one is simple. Sure, I could try and be smart and say one of McVay’s new speedy toys in TuTu Atwell or DeSean Jackson The camp battle at ILB will be interesting to big Rams fans.  But let’s be honest, the answer is Matthew Stafford.”

“Rams fans have been waiting to see him in horns since the trade was announced way back in late Jan.  We’ve salivated over every tiny snippet of him throwing passes in 7-on-7’s in OTAs.  And due to McVay’s habit of not playing starters in the pre-season, camp is likely going to be the most we see of Stafford until he walks on to SoFi Stadium on Sunday Night Football to face the Bears.”

Let’s be honest, there weren’t many holes to be filled when discussing the Buffalo Bills, so I was very curious to see what Ashley Petty, our Bills fan, would have to say. She hit the nail on the head.

For the Buffalo Bills, I am looking forward to seeing WR Emmanuel Sanders. Buffalo acquired Sanders after he was cut from New Orleans, likely a cap casualty. It will be interesting to see the role he plays behind Stefon Diggs and what his connection with Josh Allen will look like. The Bills are hopeful he will be as successful as John Brown and that his contributions will help push one of the top passing teams in the league to their ultimate goal of a Super Bowl ring.”

No matter who you plan on watching during your favorite team’s training camp, one thing is true for all fans… training camp means the beginning of a shiny new season. And that is worth celebrating.

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