Packers Head To Jerry’s World

By Sueli Loiola // @Su_firstavenger

On the last Thursday Night Football Game in September, we saw a dominant game by quarterback Aaron Rodgers and all the crew.

Rodgers has said that he’s very proud of the team during an interview and he should be.   The offensive production has increased which means that Rodgers is accurate and his receivers are  confident on the field.   In other words, the offense is ready, willing and able to make it happen.  Of course Rodgers and company work very hard on during the off and regular season, week in and week out. Since they work so hard, they’re a well oiled machine.  It’s hard to fail when you are a well oiled machine.

This game was pretty cool.  Wide receiver Jordy Nelson made an incredible reception in the 2nd quarter.  And unfortunately there were a couple of injuries.  Wide receiver  Davante Adams was injured  during the game.  He did a great job last week and won’t be able to join the team next Sunday. Packer Nation’s thoughts are with him.   Running back Ty Montgomery had some broken ribs, but was still able to make plays. He is doubtful for next game with little expectation of seeing him on the field. He said this week that he can protect his ribs and play without concerns, but safety comes first. He needs to get healthy because we’re going to need him later in the season.

Now, what can we expect for the next game?

Green Bay face the Dallas Cowboys who played them very tough in the playoffs last year.  Who doesn’t remember that exhausting and stressful game in the playoffs? Of course Cowboy fans do. It was stressful, but for us Packers Fans it was great!! In that game, we saw a different Dallas team. They were strong and confident on the field.    There were huge expectations for rookie quarterback Dak Prescott and rookie running back Ezekiel Elliot. They have become the shining stars (get it???) for Cowboys fans after a long time without a deep playoff run.

I don’t believe that this game will be a cakewalk for the Packers. The Cowboys will come out guns blazing. The Dallas defense will be all over Rodgers and won’t let him do too much running. They know that he’s fast and makes accurate throws. The defense also will be going after Rodger’s favorite targets, wide receivers Randall Cobb, Nelson and Montgomery.

The Packers defense must keep their eyes on wide receivers Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams and of course, Elliott. These guys are strong and fast.  If they find a tiny space on the field, watch out!!

So, be ready Packers fans and let’s support our guys on next Sunday in Jerry’s World!!

It’s On.

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