Packers Keep Playoff Hopes Alive with OT Win Over the Browns

By Lucy Rendler-Kaplan//@Lucyrk78

Packers 27 – Browns 21 OT


I think my breathing might JUST be returning to normal today. Some people like close games, but if you’ve been reading my column for anytime, you know I can’t stand them! Two weeks in a row winning in overtime? NOT fun for me!

Sundays OT win was the third overtime win of this season – never before has that happened in Green Bay franchise history. Never before have the Packers won more than two overtime games in a single season. Another record? Sunday was the first time in Green Bay history that the team has won back-to-back games in overtime.

The Packers got a walk-off win for the second straight game when wide receiver Davante Adams ran for a 25-yard touchdown in overtime after first tying the game with 17 seconds left. At this point, Adams has to be one of the best receivers in the entire league.

It looked like Green Bay’s season was all but over with a 14-point deficit in the fourth quarter, but just like they did last Sunday, the 7-6 Pack came back to take the win over the 0-13 Cleveland Browns. All I could think was how unfair it would be for our chances of another Super Bowl push to end RIGHT when quarterback Aaron Rodgers is so close to coming back.

We watched tape of Rodgers returning to practice in pads last week.  The Packers are one CT scan away from him being able to return next week when Green Bay visits Carolina. It won’t be easy to make the postseason. The Packers will have to win their final three games to have a chance at another Super Bowl. Is it possible? With Rodgers under center, ANYTHING is possible. Don’t forget, at this time last year, the Packers were also at 7-6. They ran the table and got into the postseason.

I think the Packers can win against the Carolina Panthers. It’s the Minnesota Vikings game on December 23rd that worries me the most. The Vikings defense is top notch and possibly the best in the NFL right now. The Packers defense has always been an issue. Would it be beautiful redemption for Rodgers to beat the Vikings at home? Absolutely.

If the Packers can come out on top after facing the Vikings and the Panthers, I think they can definitely take the win over the Detroit Lions. Last season, Rodgers helped the team to six consecutive wins. This season the magic number is three.


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