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Lucy Rendler-Kaplan
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By Lucy Rendler-Kaplan //@lucyrk78

With last weekend’s Green Bay Packers (ugly) win over the Washington Redskins, they now sit at 10-3 and are one step closer to a first-round bye and are pushing for the NFC North title. Today, the Packers hold the No. 2 seed in the NFC.

Of course, I, along with every other loyal Packers fan, would like their chances to be a bit stronger – there are a few too many teams affecting the Packers desired outcomes currently.

Let’s take a look at the possible playoff scenarios and how they might come out ahead.

Once again, Green Bay and the Minnesota Vikings are currently competing for the NFC North title, as both teams won Sunday. Le sigh. Why is it always the Vikings?! There are three games left in the regular season – to win the NFC North title, the Packers only have to win two of them.

To clinch a playoff berth, there are a few additional moving parts. They can clinch by Sunday night by coming out victorious over the Chicago Bears Sunday and if the Dallas Cowboys beat the Los Angeles Rams.  Essentially, the playoff is clinched with two wins for Green Bay and two losses for the Rams, or one win for the Packers and just one Rams loss. Full disclosure – I also write for the 8-5 Los Angeles Rams, and they are the one team that can knock the Packers out of the playoffs as it stands today.

Having been pushed out of the playoffs by Chicago, it’s a welcome thought that with a win on Sunday, we can pretty much guarantee the Bears won’t see more than three more games.

While that may feel like a lot to follow, there’s even more if the Packers want home-field advantage in the NFC. And I’ll be honest, no matter the level of loyalty to the team takes away how rare that has become. They would have to win the rest of their games, the San Francisco 49ers would have to lose two games (unlikely) and the Seattle Seahawks need to lose one more game (likely). The rub comes in when you realize that the 49ers face the Seahawks on December 29th, making this outcome even less likely.

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