Packers playoff victory over the Seahawks features defense

Kate Arhar
Senior Sports Editor AFC North and NFC South

By Kate Arhar // @ClvlndK8 

Green Bay Packers 28 – 23 Seattle Seahawks

I’ll start off by saying that once the San Francisco 49ers defeated the Minnesota Vikings, all I could think was “We might get to see Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch on the same field again!”  Yeah, I know, different teams, but still… those Seahawks teams were really fun to watch and even a bit of that nostalgia makes me happy.  But it was not to be.

These two teams know each other very well. Their playoff battles have been some of the best around the league. And this year was no exception. The Packers wound up victorious, however, and will move on to face the 49ers in Santa Clara for the NFC Championship while the Seahawks and their fans will have to just sit back and watch.

Statistically, things were pretty close. Rushing yards were 110 to 109.  Passing yards were 265 to 235. Turnovers – zero. ZERO. Even penalties were fairly even with Seattle 6 for 47 yards and Green Bay with 4 for 30 yards. So how can I say defense made the difference? Quarterback Russell Wilson was sacked five times, QB Aaron Rodgers only twice. That’s huge in a game where every yard matters.

Although, one of those sacks on Rodgers was a high point in the game for me! Those Griffin twins are just fun to watch!

For the Packers, linebacker Blake Martinez (10 tackles, 7 solo) and cornerback Jaire Alexander (9 tackles, 7 solo) just seemed to be involved in every play. They made their presence known and were absolutely dominant. But that doesn’t mean the Seahawks defenders didn’t have their share of the play-making. CB Tre Flowers led the way with 7 tackles (5 solo) followed by LB K.J. Wright (7 – 4) and defensive end Jadeveon Clowney (7 – 4). Frankly, Clowney was playing a bit injured and there were times when he seemed more of a hindrance than a help on the field.

In a game featuring two all-time great quarterbacks, it was the Defense that ruled the day.

At any rate, every time the Seahawks seemed to be getting something going, the Packers defense got a stop. Hence the 21-3 halftime score. Seattle absolutely battled back, getting two touchdowns in the third quarter but they just couldn’t catch up.

Now, as to the officiating. I hate to sound like a broken record, but what in the actual heck are these guys thinking some times? Even with review they seem to get things wrong. Or, worse yet, no one actually understand the rules. And I don’t just mean the fans, but also the announcers in the booth and the coaches on the sidelines seemed baffled by some of the calls.




In closing out the Seahawks season, here is what may be my new favorite Marshawn Lynch press conference. You go, @MoneyLynch! #TakeCareOfYourChicken


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