The Patriots and Bills go head to head to be on top of the AFC East

Lisa Johnson
AFC South & East Reporter

By Lisa Johnson // @LJ1303

When looking at this week’s New England Patriots game against the Buffalo Bills, not only is this an early pivotal AFC east match-up, this game already has the word epic swirling all around it. And it’s not just because both teams are 3-0. Oh no. It’s also because this has garnered what could be the strangest headline in NFL history.

Before Sunday’s matchup, Bills fans will again be warned, via social media, that there would be repercussions if any… umm… “toys” are tossed on the field. And I don’t mean kids toys. Anyone caught throwing said toys will face a lifetime ban.

One thing I know about being a life long Dolphins fans, Bills fans are easily the top-five wildest fan bases in the NFL. So this is nothing but a challenge for them.

The second best thing besides the game on Sunday, according to Channel 4, is that Mackenzie Park and Jordan Binggeli of Rochester beat out 1,400 other applicants in a contest through Reeds Jenss Jewelers that will allow them to be the first couple ever to get married on the field during halftime of an NFL game.

“Halftime is normally twelve minutes, but the team received special approval from the NFL to extend that to 14 minutes, allowing enough time to get everything and everyone onto the field for a quick ceremony.”

If this game is half as good as these gameday headlines, fans are in for a real treat.

The Bills are 3-0 after coming from behind in all 3 of their games. While this stat is surprising, Tom Brady is 30-3 against the Bills. Yes, I had to re-read that stat myself again. 30-3.

A key match-up will be the Bills defense vs Tom Brady. Bills linebacker Tremaine Edmunds, who is playing lights out, needs to get pressure on Brady early and often. You’re will not beat Brady by getting cute. You beat Brady by pressure. The Bills will have to create an uncomfortable pocket for him. Brady comes into the game only being sacked 3 times this season.

On the Bills side of the ball, Josh Allen will have to play near perfect, avoid turnovers, and use his legs to extend some plays. One thing is for sure, Brady can’t beat you if he is sitting on the sidelines. Buffalo must avoid as many 3 and outs as they can,  and string along some long drives. Everything and everyone has to be on point. From play-calling to communication, and line calls. Give the Patriots a mistake and you will find yourself behind the chains. Maintaining the ball on offense will be vital.

It looked like the Bills were possibly going to catch a break after last weeks chest injury to Brady’s favorite target Julian Edelman. Edelman, however, is making the trip to Buffalo and is expected to play. Not that the Bills will need to be looking for excuses, and advantages. They have all the tools and have been building towards these kinds of match-ups.

The winner of Sunday’s match-up will take sole position of first place in the AFC East.

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