Patriots Brady could be up for grabs in 2020


Wanda Wiedman,
NFL Reporter

By Wanda Wiedman // @WandaW63

Could it be that hell will freeze over in 2020?

To the fans of the New England Patriots, it just might happen.

The extended 2-year contract of their beloved quarterback Tom Brady is worth $70 million that should keep the aging QB living comfortably.

At the 2000 NFL combine Brady couldn’t run to save his life. So like any gangly athlete, he transferred that mobility to the top half of his body and went the distance with his arm. Six Super Bowls later, here we are, and he has nothing else to prove.


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Questions had swirled this season as to whether or not Brady would retire. He squelched the notion and worked on his technique instead. While several NFL players held out for more money, Brady’s camp negotiated a deal with a slight clause that could make Patriot fans nervous. Unless you have been under a rock or just don’t care, Tom Brady is Zeus to the New England fan base.

So what is this clause that may have fans leaping into Boston Harbor? Well, both sides avoid a song and dance around the final leg of his contract. Basically, he doesn’t play his final year at a below-market rate. He goes from $15 million to $30 million. However, there is a clause in his contract that avoids a franchise or transition tag on him.

That’s right you heard me. He has the choice that in 2020 to either retire a Patriot after a ridiculous 20 year span OR he can walk to another team, desperate for a Super Bowl dream.

To be honest, it would be hard to see Brady in another uniform other than the Patriots. However, if Aaron Rodgers continues his drama in Green Bay they can switch, you know, kind of like the television show Wife Swap. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Denver jumped at that since John Elway, VP of Personnel would love to win another Super Bowl by the arm of a soon-to-retire veteran.

Another team that would jump at the chance at Brady would be the Detroit Lions. (What, you didn’t think that was a thought in anyone’s mind, especially head coach Matt Patricia?) The moment Brady says he can play another season or two, Patricia will be first in line, hoodie and all, to channel his inner Belichick. It was written in the stars folks.

Other honorable mention of teams that are willing to take a chance:
The Dallas Cowboys – Dak Prescott has a small window and Jerry Jones is salivating.
Miami Dolphins – It will be Jay Cutler Redux but with better results.
Tennesee Titans – Brady can wine and dine them while they find their new QB.

As weird as it seems Brady can be up for grabs in 2020. Anything can happen in the NFL and only Father Time will tell. Except right now Father Time is having a beer and waiting for Brady to say when.


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