Perfect timing for a Dolphins bye week

Lisa Johnson,
Miami Dolphins Reporter

By Lisa Johnson // @LJ1303 

Packers 31 – Dolphins 12

The Dolphins bye week couldn’t come at a better time.

Facing the Green Bay Packers in week 10 would prove to be a tall task, regardless of injuries. After seeing the Dolphins inactive list before the game, most gave the Dolphins an almost no chance of winning.

However, Dolphins head coach Adam Gase found some holes and was able to run the ball.  Dolphins drove the length of the field only to abandon the run on a short field inside the 20. Gase chose to go shotgun with an empty backfield.

A bad snap hit QB Brock Osweiler’s hands and sailed right behind him, only to be recovered by the Packers, who then marched right down the field and scored. Pretty much the way the whole game went.

While Gase, at times, shows he knows how to exploit a teams weakness, he suddenly abandon the game plan, leaving many to wonder and question his play calling ability. He was, after all, sold to this Dolphins team as an offensive guru. A quarterback whisper of sorts.

Not all the blame should come Gase’s way, however. The Dolphins have lost a league-high 12 starting players, and at press time, could lose two more depending outcomes of two MRI’s. The possibility of losing wide receiver duo Jakeem Grant and DeVante Parker would leave Gase very limited on what plays he can call.

Going into this bye week, there seems to more questions than answers at this point, leaving fans scratching their heads. Running back Kenyan Drake is one example.

Drake lead the Dolphins last year in rushing but has almost become non-existent this season, not even being on the field during several of these games of late. When asked by many of the media members, Gase himself says they need to find ways to get him the ball, yet he isn’t even on the field.

So as fans, this bye week comes at a perfect time, and can also be a time to reflect on what this season has become. Coach Gase has many questions that need to be answered. Hopefully, after this break, Miami can put some pieces of this puzzle back together.

Maybe, just maybe, we’ll have an idea on the direction this team is heading.

Enjoy your week off fans!!!

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