Philadelphia Eagles hang on for another round

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By Roxana Herrera //@rxnlzbth

Eagles 16 – Bears 15

After a nail-biter of a game, the Philadelphia Eagles let out a breath of stunned excitement as they witnessed a missed field goal that would have ended their season. It was an ugly first half of football, with Chicago leading 6-3 at the break, but Philly returned a changed team.  

Quarterback Nick Foles at one point took advantage of a crucial mistake by the Bears and hit rookie tight end Dallas Goedert for a 10-yard touchdown, taking back the lead.

Even with two early interceptions by Foles, this Eagles team didn’t give up. The defense kept them in the game all four quarters. Left tackle Jason Peters played a major factor in protecting his quarterback and helped the front line shut down linebacker Khalil Mack.

With under a minute left to play, Foles threw a 2-yard pass to receiver Golden Tate to take the late lead by just one point, and missing the two-point conversion, leaving enough of a chance for the Bears to try for a field goal.

Head coach Doug Pederson uses his final time-out to ice the kicker and with 10 seconds left, all Eagles fans anxiously watch the ball as it hits the goal post and bounce off the crossbar. The reactions I’ve seen have been priceless. This is just one of the many:

Foles finished with 25 of 40 passes completed and totaling 266 yards, sharing the ball with seven of his receivers. And even with the several questions pertaining to Tate’s role on the team since he was signed, it showed just how important he is to the team, coming through when it matters most. “We found a way,” Tate says.

Up next, Eagles face a tough team in the New Orleans Saints in the dome. It won’t be easy, but I’m sure Foles will tell you that’s never stopped them before. “I think the big thing is that no one loses faith, no one stops believing, everyone just keeps talking, keeps believing in one another and we just rallied.”

It will be a hard fought battle, and after a rough start to the season and being all but counted out halfway through, this isn’t new territory for the defending super bowl Champs.


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