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By Roxaan Herrera // @rxnlzbth

NFL Playoffs – NFC Divisional Round

I’m sure by now everyone has heard about how the Philadelphia Eagles are the first number one seed to have a higher probability to lose to a number six seed. In this case, the Atlanta Falcons.

There have been so many stats all week about this particular game, that I have toned down my social media usage by a ton because I didn’t want to hear any negativity. I personally don’t like the statistics these sports analysts come up with because most of them are useless, and as I always say “rules are meant to be broken”. Except, in this case, statistics are meant to be broken.

Overall, it’s funny how the playoffs have played out (pun definitely intended). There are four quarterbacks with zero playoff wins/appearances. Eagles quarterback Nick Foles is the only exception as he played one playoff game under Chip Kelly only to lose to the New Orleans Saints. There are four other quarterbacks who have had at least one Super Bowl appearance/win.  

I mean, what are the chances, right? And because of the very minor (ahem) detail, the Philadelphia Eagles have been quickly written off. Many saying there’s absolutely no chance the Eagles can defeat Matt Ryan and the Falcons because statistically speaking, teams with players who have had little to no experience in the playoffs do not get very far in the postseason.

I have heard this all week long at work, at home, in the car, in my head… the list is endless. I completely understand how difficult the road to the Super Bowl can be, especially with teams like the New England Patriots and New Orleans Saints to go through. But it is not impossible. The likelihood may be slim, but again, completely possible.

Every year I hold out hope that the Eagles will go to the Super Bowl, and more often than not, I am let down early in the season and start looking forward to the next. But this year, I believe that what head coach Doug Pederson has done is special. I’ve said this all season long, but it’s true.

I think Foles has it in him to come out with a win. I strongly believe he is mentally ready for this game. All he needs to do is score two or three touchdowns early, and later keep the offense in the game so as to not tire our defense out so quickly. I know that the defense is ready to make sure QB Matt Ryan doesn’t complete anything down the field and they’re ready to stop the running game, and that’s going to take a lot out of them. If Foles is able to keep the offense on the field, if he’s able to wind down the clock and beat the Falcons at time of possession, the game is theirs.

Is it easier said than done? Of course. It’s going to be a true testament to the Eagles’ hard work. It’s going to be a gritty game. And it could be an ugly win or a triumphant loss. Whatever the outcome is, no one can convince me that the Eagles didn’t stand a chance against the Falcons.

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