Philadelphia Eagles: Week 1 Recap

By Roxaan Herrera // @roxaaneh

Sunday, September 10: 30-17 Win

I have a bad habit of overthinking everything. I tend to over-analyze essentially every portion of my life. It can be unhealthy and it rises my anxiety level to an ultimate high. I’ve noticed that it gets worse during fall. Gee, I wonder why…

My Philadelphia Eagles never fail to make their football games interesting. There always has to be added drama of some sort. Sure, Doug Pederson, let’s throw in a fancy play in the middle of the game and shake things up by going off the normal playbook and into your “Risky Plays” playbook and give all Eagles fans a heart attack feeling by making questionable play calls Week 1 right when your players are driving down the field effectively and calmly. I’m sure it’s just a tactic of yours, Coach Pederson, to keep us fans on our toes as you test out these questionable calls that put our players at risk only to reel it back in and come out with a win.

Which is why I have vowed to not focus on the negatives this year and remain optimistic, regardless of wins or losses. I mean, I’m always an optimistic fan. I will always defend my team, and sometimes emotions get the better of me and all logic goes out the window.

But this year will be different, for example, the amazing first drive that led to a touchdown thanks to a very talented and athletic move by the best quarterback in the NFL (not being biased, of course) Carson Wentz. He is a man that is hard to bring down, just ask the Washington Redskins‘ defense. He was able to scurry from two defenders and find a wide open Nelson Agholor for a 58-yd TD pass.

I won’t even get into the  missed extra point by kicker Caleb Sturgis or the horribly unfortunate injury to corner Ronald Darby, other than to mention that he will be out 4-6 weeks and thankfully there was no major ligament damage. Aside from the one interception, Wentz completed 26 of 39 with a total of 307 yards.

New running back LaGarrett Blount showed glimpses of what he has in store for Philadelphia. This year’s Agholor is someone I didn’t recognize, and I don’t know if it’s the change in jersey number or he did nothing but practice catching footballs all offseason but he looked like a changed receiver- but I will not over-analyze this as this is only Week 1.

Overall, there were some hiccups on the offense but with new, veteran players in key positions, it will take a few games to gel as a unit. Our defense looked great and though we still need to wok on our secondary a little, I am loving what I’m seeing.

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