Philadelphia Eagles Week 2 recap

By Roxaan Herrera // @roxaaneh

FINAL: Eagles – 20; Chiefs – 27

Some losses are not pretty and other losses are just ugly. Sunday’s loss to Kansas City falls somewhere in the middle. Playing against a team that had 11 days of rest was no easy task but I think the Eagles, and second year quarterback Carson Wentz, played a very decent game despite two huge turnovers and an offensive line that failed to protect him during key plays.

I can’t blame the o-line, though, because they actually have improved and more often than not gave quarterback Wentz a lot of time to throw the ball. I would have loved for him to get rid of it instead of holding on to it for as long as he did, which caused him to get sacked or fumble the ball.

Overall, Wentz showed NFL fans he is able to put the game on his back and run with the ball if needed and he threw for a total of 333 yards, completing almost half of his attempts at 25 of 46. I am not a big of that those numbers but I am happy that we were able to utilize wide receivers Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith who both had better games than the last, with 92 and 66 receiving yards respectively.

Eagles veteran tight end Zach Ertz has been a great option, being able to finish big plays and added 97 receiving yards as well. Admittedly, I am getting a little impatient with the lack of use for our running backs. Darren Sproles has been nothing short of amazing, always a dependable back and great for special teams, but we need to start using our big guy, LaGarrett Blount. I don’t want another DeMarco Murray on our hands…we all know how great that turned out.

I wasn’t too impressed with the defense yesterday. Safety Rodney McLeod exited the game with a hamstring injury and didn’t return, but that made no difference. Tackles were consistently being missed and credit to Kansas City Chiefs’ running back Kareem Hunt who is a tremendous athlete, but there was no way that three or four defenders couldn’t bring that man down. I always enjoy watching linebacker Mychal Kendricks play but he has a tendency of hiding during some games. Yesterday, however, he showed up and was actually very productive with four tackles, one tackle for a loss and sack.

While it was a frustrating loss, with a lot of missed opportunities and turnovers to clean up, I think the Eagles stood up well against old coach Andy Reid’s team. There’s always room for improvement, but in Philadelphia’s case, I think it’s still a matter of the team needing more time to learn with the additions of big names like Jefferey, Smith and Blount.

Defensive Coordinator Jim Schwartz is doing an amazing job and regardless of the rumors that are starting up, head coach Doug Pederson seems to be running a great ship for the organization. Even with a 1-1 start, we are currently number 1 in the NFC East!

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