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By Dayna O’Gorman // @DaynaOG

With the Pro Football Hall of Fame game and induction ceremonies over, we are just days away from week one of the 2021 NFL preseason. For what has seemed like an eternity, we have been waiting to get our eyes on new players, new coaches, and new schemes. Soon, that day will arrive.

Now for some teams, not much will change. Like both Super Bowl teams from last season, a few teams kept the majority of their players and all of their coaching staff. But the majority of teams have had some pretty big changes. Changes that could turn the fate of an entire franchise.

Now, we all know that preseason games aren’t real games. They are glorified practices that help the team decide who makes the final roster. But they also offer opportunities. Opportunities for unknown players to become know. For players far down the depth chart to move up. Opportunities for fans to find new fan favorites.

I love preseason, and luckily for me, it is often the case that the two divisions I cover pay each other in the preseason. That allows me to truly focus on one game without having to switch between channels. Plus…they are my favorite teams in the league.

Here is the preseason schedule for the NFC and AFC West divisions. (All time Eastern Standard Time)

Week 1 

Friday, Aug 13
Dallas v Arizona (10 pm NFL Network)

Saturday, Aug 14
Denver v Minnesota (4 pm NFL Network)
Kansas City v San Francisco (8:30 pm)
Seattle v Las Vegas (9 pm)
Los Angeles Chargers v Los Angeles Rams (10 pm NFL Network)

Week 2

Friday, Aug 20
Kansas City v Arizona (8 pm ESPN)

Saturday, Aug 21
Las Vegas v Los Angeles Rams (10 pm NFL Network)
Denver v Seattle (10 pm)

Sunday, Aug 22
San Francisco v Los Angeles Chargers (7:30 pm NFL Network)

Week 3

Friday, Aug 27
Minnesota v Kansas City (8 pm NFL Network)

Saturday, Aug 28
Arizona v New Orleans (8 pm)
Los Angeles Rams v Denver (9:05 pm)
Los Angeles Chargers v Seattle (10 pm NFL Network)

Sunday, Aug 29
Las Vegas v San Francisco (4 pm NFL Network)

As you can see, NFL Network is loving both the NFC and AFC West this year. That makes sense. The Kansas City Chiefs had just come off playing in back-to-back Super Bowls, the Los Angeles Chargers upstart QB starting his second year, and the NFC West is the toughest division in football. There is a lot of great storylines to watch from both divisions.

So which preseason game are you most excited for. Which camp battle looks to be the most fierce? What UDFA will break through by week 3? So many possibilities and I can’t wait.

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