ProFootball Hall of Fame Class of 2020: Steve Hutchinson

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By Dayna O’Gorman // @DaynaOG

Well, COVID-19 strikes again, delaying the 2020 ProFootball Hall of Fame enshrinement. However, this very large class of inductees deserves its recognition now. OTFB has decided that over the next few weeks, we will highlight these amazing men and all they have accomplished.

Steve Hutchinson (G) had a 12-year career in the NFL, playing for the Seattle Seahawks, Minnesota Vikings, and the Tennessee Titans. He was an All American in college, selected to the NFL All-Rookie team his first season, the Pro Bowl seven times, was a member of the All-Pro team five times, and was named to the NFL Team of the Decade for the 2000s.

He was selected to be a member of the ProFootball Hall of Fame in February of 2020.

Hutchinson was drafted out of Michigan by the Seahawks in the first round of the 2001 draft and played there for five seasons. He helped the team to its first-ever Super Bowl. However, his move the Vikings came with some controversy due to the Poison Pill clause that was in his offer sheet, a clause that has since been banned in the NFL. In the end, it worked out for Hutchinson as he played in Minnesota for six seasons. He then signed a two year deal with Tennessee, playing just one year of that contract.


In March of 2020, Hutchinson joined the Seattle Seahawks’ front office as a football consultant. He is married with two children and is active with military charities around the country.

Hutchinson was essential to both the Seahawks and Vikings’ amazing offensive lines during his career. He was a huge part of both Seahawks running back Shaun Alexander and Vikings RB Adrian Peterson‘s record-setting success. He is loved by both fanbases and has left a huge mark on the NFL.

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