Quarterback options, Miami Dolphins style

Lisa Johnson,
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By Lisa Johnson //@LJ1303

The 2020 NFL combine is in full swing, and the Miami Dolphins enter this year’s draft with 3 first-round picks. Yes, I said 3. They will select picks 5, 18, and 26.

As Dolphins brass descended upon Indianapolis, the rumors have already begun to swirl. Dolphins GM Chris Grier has been linked to having several conversations with other GMs around the league about possible trades. Speaking to the media on Tuesday, Grier mentioned continuing the process of rebuilding. And let’s be honest, we all know what that means. The Miami Dolphins need a franchise quarterback.

Let’s take a second and discuss the following quarterback options. I’ll start first with the 4 most popular names among Dolphins fans. I’m not going to add Joe Burrows to the list. Unless something catastrophic happens, I have the Bengals selecting him.

Tua Tagovailoa. I don’t think I need to bore you with stats from Alabama, so we’ll dive right into his injury.  Let’s be honest here…I had concerns. Notice the word “had”. Like many of you, I was very reluctant to add him to my wish list of quarterbacks. My biggest issue? The impact his hip would take when hit. Will it just rebreak if he is driven to the ground too hard?

So I educated myself about this injury and spoke with Dr. Jessica Flynn, who specializes in sports medicine, about it.  I asked her specifically, what happens if he takes a hit and is driven to the ground on that hip. She felt that the type of hit doesn’t really matter. In fact, she states, a hit probably wouldn’t be an issue.

She went on to say that, obviously, it would be bad if he had the same type of injury where his leg was trapped and driven into the ground, but that’s so unusual. It’s more how that hip will handle quick lateral movement and the grind of a season more than anything. And then, further down the road, when will it stiffen up and become arthritic? Do we have a few years?

I can tell you guys one thing, after chatting with her, I found myself feeling a whole lot better about drafting him.

On to number two…Jordan Love. What can I say about Love? Everyone who follows me knows I like this kid. I had a great chance to meet and speak with Love at the Senior Bowl, and he said all the right things and had some good practices. He has a live arm that is for sure. He’d need some polishing but could be a great pick for a team that is rebuilding. (That’s a hint by the way.)

Now for Justin Herbert. I also had a great chat with him at the Senior Bowl. This kid is a player, has a great arm, and made some throws in practice that were outstanding. I honestly can’t say one bad thing about his throwing ability. With that said, the only question I have is, can he go out and be a leader?

He isn’t a very outspoken young man on the field. He seems to control his emotions at all times. Sort of Eli Manning-ish. Is that a bad thing in the NFL? I mean Manning does have a Super Bowl ring. But on the other hand, you do want your players to feed off your energy and emotion.  QB Ryan Fitzpatrick is a prime example of that. To be a true leader on the field, you have to have the respect of your players.

When asked if he could play in this league, he took the high road and answered it honestly. “I’ve never played a down in the NFL,” Herbert said. “I couldn’t tell you what the speed of the game is like. I’ve watched as much as I could and I feel confident with my abilities but I’ve never played in the NFL before, so to give you an answer whether I could play right now, I don’t think that would be in my best interest.” I would have preferred him to have said something along the lines of, “Yes, I know I can play in this league!” I want a kid that knows he can play and isn’t scared to say it!!

Now for the interesting one, Jalen Hurts. Per ESPN’s Brooke Pryor, Hurts was asked Tuesday about the possibility of working out at a different position, but he shot down the notion: “I’ve always been a team-first guy, but I think I’m a quarterback. I think that’s that.” He believes in himself as a quarterback and wants to be viewed as such. Which he should be.

There is no question he’ll be compared to a Lamar Jackson. He’ll have that duel threat tag applied to him for sure. Which if you believe the NFL style quarterbacks are becoming, then he’d be a good pick up. One thing is for sure, he’ll give you 110% on every play. I just don’t see him getting picked up in the first round, but then again, I didn’t see Mitchell Tubisky going in round 1 either.

So what does that tell us?

Expect the unexpected, because that’s what’s going to happen.

As for you Dolphins fans…hold your breath. Because with 3 picks in the first round, things are surely gonna get exciting around here. And for the record, I am throwing down that card with the name Jordan Love on it at 5.

In closing, I would like to say thank you to Doc Flynn (@jessdeede) for her insight into Tua Tangovila’s injury. Her resume is quite impressive. Sports medicine at Lahey, injury analysis at Boston Sports Journal, NFL injury commentary on NBC Sports Boston, and she’s on Instagram as well @bostonsportsdoc.

She is a great follow. Thanks again Doc!!


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