Quarterbacks at the Combine

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By Lisa Johnson//@LJ1303


Here are my top 5 Quarterbacks entering the 2018 NFL draft.  Followed up by my dark horse QB that I feel the scouts are overlooking.

Today Quarterbacks were measured and checked into the 2018 NFL Combine.

Here’s how I ranked them going into the combine.


1. Baker Mayfield QB OklahomaMaturity level aside, Mayfield possesses the one thing I love in a QB. The fire and the passion to play this game. It feels like he plays for the love of the game, and reminds me a lot of Brett Farve.

Height: 6’0 5/8″

Weight: 215 pounds

Hand: 9 1/4 inches

2. Josh Rosen QB UCLAClearly by some analysts he should be the first QB off the board. Rosen has that great pocket presence about him. Throws one of the tightness spirals out there, and also works a lot under center, which nowadays is rare in college football. It’s his lack of leadership that bothers me most about him.  Some coaches may not have a problem with that, but it rubs me wrong.

Height: 6’4″

Weight: 226 pounds

Hand: 9 7/8 inches


3. Josh Allen QB WyomingAllen has the size, height and arm strength to make him a true pocket passer.  A rare commodity these days in the NFL. With a good system in place, Allen’s ceiling of possibility is high, which in turn will make him an early first rounder.

Height:  6’4 7/8″

Weight: 237 pounds

Hand: 10 1/8 inches


4. Lamar Jackson QB LouisvilleJackson could be hands down the best QB in this draft, if he’s drafted by a team he fits into. A lot like what QB Dak Prescott fell into in Dallas. He is one of the most athletic QBs in this draft, and according to some, the toughest QB in the pocket.

Height: 6’2 2/8″

Weight: 216 pounds

Hand: 9 1/2 inches


5. Sam Darnold QB USC Here’s one reason why I’m down on Darnold. I think he should have stayed in school just one more year. The extra year could have built him up.  One of the many knocks on him is that he lacks confidence in his own abilities. To me that is a huge red flag.  That said, many predict that he can overcome this weakness and excel at the next level.

Height: 6’3 3/8″

Weight: 221 pounds

Hand: 9 3/8 inches


My dark horse QB is

Tanner Lee QB Nebraska-  I love quarterbacks with a chip on their shoulder.  Tanner Lee has that.  He isn’t being regarded as a top tier guy, but he is also one of those QBs that can work off the center. He has great ball handling skills. His play action fakes and his abilities to stand in the pocket are his strength, but also are his weaknesses.  He will just let it rip, which is why his TD-INT % is what it is.  To me, he has the fastest release of all the previously mentioned QBs.  Keep him in mind, as it will be fun to see if a team takes a chance on him.

Height:  6’4″

Weight: 220 pounds

Hand:  unavailable


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