Quarterbacks take center stage at Day 2 of the Reese’s Senior Bowl

Lisa Johnson
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By Lisa Johnson // @LJ1303 

It was day 2 of practice for the Reese’s Senior Bowl. I was expecting the quarterbacks to have a better day than yesterday, maybe look a little more polished than day 1. Not to say that they didn’t perform well, it’s just that they should start to get better as they learn each of the new styles.

With the North starting out, I was hoping to see a Jordan Love/Michael Pittman Jr. show. During media day, Love mentioned to me that he has been working out with Pittman. The offense, unfortunately, broke off into two sections, so we didn’t get to watch them connect to often.

However, Love had one beautiful pass play down the left sidelines to Pittman, followed by a couple of great out routes. Love has a great arm with very good velocity on the ball but can get a bit too lively, however. Yet I feel with some quality coaching, I can see this kid having a very successful NFL career.

Love gained a lot of interest from several head coaches…one in particular. I spent some time watching the head coaches, just so I could get a  gauge on who and what they were looking at. Bill Belichick stayed with both sets of quarterbacks from the North and South. He was joined by Alabama head coach Nick Saban during most of the second practice, which consisted of former Alabama quarterback turned Oklahoma Sooner Jalen Hurts.

Sooners QB Jalen Hurts, who is hoping to catch an NFL eye, had a good day. One thing right off that stands out with Hurts is his is footwork. Honestly, that isn’t too surprising since he is being scouted as a running quarterback. Hurts told me after today’s practice that he is just doing what he is told and wants to prove that he can be a winner in the NFL. He appreciates this opportunity and plans to give it his all.

One quarterback that seemly took a bit of a step backward today, has to be Michigan’s Shea Patterson. He struggled with accuracy and threw a couple of ducks up. His throws just didn’t seem to have much velocity on them today. I’m not sure if he was trying a different throwing motion, but it looked a lot different from yesterday.

I spoke with Patterson after practice. I asked him how having Jim Harbaugh as a head coach had improved his game. He said Coach Harbaugh was instrumental in his growth and he said it was a pleasure having him as a head coach. We then went on to talk about his Michigan helmet. I asked him if he got to keep it. He said he was gonna hide it, then laughed and said he was gonna try and keep it even if had to buy it.

Washington State QB, Anthony Gordon, seemed to have had a good day. He has a nice touch on the ball and has some zip to his slates and short curl outs. My only hang-up with Gordon is that he has this slight hitch right before he throws. It makes him seem like he is gonna throw the ball 50 yards. However, he was on target today and had a good day.

As the North exited the field, on came the South, and you know what that means…QB Justin Herbert and company. He had another excellent day. He was on target, making all his throws. But we do have to remember, he is throwing from a clean pocket.

One difference from yesterday was that Herbert was under center for a couple of series. I’m pretty sure the purpose of that was to give some of the scouts and coaches a closer look at him. The Senior Bowl is still a buzz with the prediction that Herbert will not fall past the Los Angeles Chargers at number 6.

All of these quarterbacks know it’s all up to them to now prove their worth to an NFL team.

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