Quick 5 with Shannon Sanchez, Football 101

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NF: Where did you learn about football – When? and from Who?

SS: I was around 9 when I started getting very interested in football.  My mother taught me the basics and my father taught me the strategies of the game.  It became the thing that bonded us together, Sunday football was the father/daughter time.  And are some of my dearest memories of my father.

NF: Priorities of Life – What are your top 3?

SS: 1)  Jesus  2)  My family  3) This one is very hard, many things vie for third place – friends, the causes we support ( fighting human trafficking is a very passionate cause we put time and money into), making memories…

NF: If you had any job in the world – what would it be, and why?

SS: I can’t choose just one, sorry…

I would love to teach the Bible to high school and college students

I would love to work for non-profits who fight human trafficking (IJM or A21)

I would love to write a book

I would love to be a stand-up comic

NF: How has your association with NFLFemale been a positive influence in your world?

SS: I’m all about relationships and I have loved meeting (on Twitter mostly) like-minded women who have a passion for the same sport I do.  I am looking forward to the time I get to meet some in person!  I also love the good-natured competition that is expressed.

NF: If you want to know the real side of sports legends, listen to their kids and grandkids. What do you hope others say about you?

SS: I hope others can say that I treated them with kindness, patience and a great deal of respect.  That they found some wisdom and a great deal of hope.  That there was laughter and joy.  And that they walked away feeling better about themselves or others.

I hope my kids would say I am the same person in the home as I am out in public.

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