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By Yvette James // @lissalisa29

In recent news, the Baltimore Ravens signed FA Jeremy Maclin after having him visit us last week. He also had a visit with the Buffalo Bills as well. His signing was a much needed addition to our wide receiver corp. His veteran presence is a good fit only if our offensive coach uses him correctly.

How many times have we had good wide receivers and they were not used properly? Either we are going to use them correctly or we will be in the same position we were in last season.

Who will step in at the tight end position now that Dennis Pitta has retired due to his injury? We have plenty to pick from, hopefully, they will step up and produce. We will see come training camp who steps up and make plays.

 Will we be the same predictable offense that we have been the previous seasons or will the coaching staff change the play calling and have better schemes for the offense? Every team knew what plays we would run because we were too predictable. Can they take the chains off of Joe Flacco and let him run the offense? Hopefully, we will see a better offensive line.

 Training camp is coming up and the fans will get to see what the 2017 team will be like. Will we be the same as last year or will we be the  improved Ravens  team and ready to go compete for that Lombardi trophy? Or will we regress as the same team from last year with new faces? Will we have a new playbook? Only time will tell what team shows up.

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