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By Yvette James // @lissalisa29

Thursday, August 10th: 3-23 Win

Defense :  The Baltimore Ravens played their first preseason game against the Washington Redskins last night. It was the first look at the team playing against someone else other than each other. This time they got to hit.

The Ravens won the coin toss and elected to get the ball in the second half. The Defense came out the gate smoking. It was good to see the Defense getting to the quarterback and stopping their run game.

I saw a mix of blitzes, pass rushing from the Defense. A few veterans played 20 snaps and then we got to see some Rookies play at least 20 snaps.

Players who stood out to me on defense were Defensive End Brent Urban who had one sack, two fumbles and four tackles . Also Rookie Tyrus Bowser stood out on defense, as well. The defense as a whole showed that they are serious. 

Even though this is preseason the rookies are battling to make a team in the NFL. Undrafted Rookie Jaylen Hill was another player who stood out and also had his first interception in the game. The Defense got their swag back.

Offense:  The offense came out sputtering in the first quarter with Ryan Mallet under center. He played just like in training camp. He had some passes that were either over thrown or under thrown. Don’t know how long it will be before Joe Flacco is back at practice.

I can say that we did establish a run game and continued to run the ball which was good to see.  Jenson was the starting center and I must say he did well.  Hopefully, he continues to improve once Joe gets back into the grove of things.

Undrafted Rookie Tim White had a good game playing both wide receiver and special teams. In his first NFL game he scored his first touchdown as a receiver with thanks to Keenan Reynolds who gave the offense good field position with a 49 yard punt return, which set up the touchdown.

Mallet played the first half , QB Josh Woodrum came in, played the second half and outperformed Mallet. He threw passes that were on target. Mallet better improve or Josh is coming for your job.

Overall, the Offense had a balanced game with running the ball and  the passing in the second half of the game which was good to see. But the Offense has to improve if it wants to be a contender.

We shall see how they play on the road in the next preseason game against the Miami Dolphins.

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