Ravens Training Camp Practice at M&T Bank Stadium

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By Yvette James // @lissalisa29

Sunday, July 30th was the first of three Baltimore Ravens‘ open practices for the fans.

Many fans got to see some familiar faces, and new players. There were different sessions going on in different areas of the field. The fans got to see the new jumbo screen that replaced the smaller ones.

During the first session, the defense worked on drills on one end of the field. The offensive linemen worked on another part of the field. There was plenty to watch on the field and the screen.

The defense won the game as far as points. Rookie Marlon Humphrey was very impressive in man coverage. He is showing great promise, but it’s only training camp – time will tell when it comes to live play. Another rookie who made a nice grab for a touchdown was WR Tim White from Arizona State, pass was thrown by David Olson. He also threw a nice pass to Mike Wallace.

Ryan Mallett played like Mallett with some overthrown passes that sailed over the player. Some one-on-one battles were on display. Right now, it’s hard to dissect the offense with Joe Flacco not out there being the leader and with the O-line learning to gel. Hopefully, this unit can get it together for the games that matter the most. I saw a lot more running the ball which is a good thing, because last year we seemed to stop running the ball.

The defense made some pretty good plays and hits during this practice which had the crowd cheering. I’m not so worried about the defense, it’s the quarterback situation and O-line that has me worried. So, I’m hoping that the coaches can get this under control before the season starts.

The fans pretty much enjoyed themselves, kids got to get autographs and were treated to a fireworks show after the practice session. I will be attending the next training session in Annapolis to focus on the offense. Hopefully, there will be much more improvement from them.

Featured image of offense courtesy: Yvette James

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