Redskins Shock Seahawks in Seattle

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By Beth Auckland // @bauckland

The Washington Redskins pulled off a miracle in Seattle last night defeating the Seattle Seahawks 17-14.  With an offensive line that has been completely decimated by injuries, it was left to the defense to “hold the line”.  And hold the line they did!

After setting a franchise record last week, everyone thought that Russell Wilson would come out swinging and the Seahawks would blow the Redskins out of the water.  But between all the offensive penalties the Seahawks racked up and an impressive showing from the Redskins defense, the Seahawks once again lost to the Redskins at home.  

The Redskins defense was in Wilson’s face for most of the night, bringing pressure and forcing him out of the pocket time and time again.  They knew going into the game that they would have to keep Wilson contained.  They managed to do this holding him to only 297 passing yards but they did allow him 77 rushing yards.

The Redskins had a laundry list of injured players with 6 starters out, including 3 offensive linemen and 2 of their biggest receivers (Jordan Reed and Jamison Crowder), they managed to pull off a miracle upset with a patchwork team.  Quarterback Kirk Cousins played with an O-line that literally was put together at the last minute with the addition of Arthur Jones on Wednesday.  For a group of players that had no time to bond, they played well.  But they need to play even better going into week 10 against the Minnesota Vikings.

Considering the Seahawks were favored to win, the Redskins did a phenomenal job and became the only non-NFC west team to have a winning record at CenturyLink Field.  Going forward, the Redskins need to keep playing with the intensity they showed during the last 5 minutes of the game.  The game winning drive Cousins put together with 1:34 left on the clock should be how they play for the entire 60 minutes.  All in all though, for a broken and battered team, the Redskins showed that they can play.  

Asking for a friend, are there any cardiologists out there that can do a group prescription for anti-anxiety meds and be on standby for the remainder of the season?  I know this fan was on the verge of a nervous breakdown or a heart attack last night as were several others I know of.  But it’s why I love the game.  You just never know what will happen.  Hail to the Redskins!!!

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