Resurrecting careers is the Patriot’s Way

Wanda Wiedman,
NFL Reporter

By Wanda Wiedman / @WandaW63

The New England Patriots pulled out another win, hoisting for the 6th time the coveted Lombardi Trophy. It was not the epic game of the century, and it did not excite the masses.

But despite the typical performance of quarterback Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, and Julian Edelman, it is fascinating how the Patriots seem to resurrect the careers of players whose athletic efforts have been stagnant.

Everyone talks about the non-existent Bill Belichick coaching tree, but it may be because they are looking at it all wrong. The coaching tree actually morphed to the players on the field who came from other teams. Players who were the epitome of the walking dead until they came to life in New England. Whatever it is that Belichick is serving up in training camp, these free agency players are getting the banquet of a lifetime, in the form of Super Bowl rings.

Look at their latest resurrection, wide receiver Josh Gordon. After several seasons with the Cleveland Browns and rehab situations, he attempted to resurrect his career by playing in a couple of games and catching a few passes. Unfortunately, he could not stay on the right track. However, because he played in a few games, he will most likely receive a Super Bowl ring. 

Here is a list of players who had careers that received a jump start in New England, causing some to bask in the glow of the ultimate prize:

-QB Brian Hoyer (originally on the roster from 2009-2011, then with the Cardinals, Browns, Texans, Bears, 49ers and ending with Patriots. (Hoyer actually came full circle.)

-RB LeGarrette Blount / Came from Buccaneers. Won 2 rings with Patriots, one with Eagles (3rd)

-WR Danny Amendola / Came from Rams. Won 2 rings with Patriots.

-CB Darrelle Revis / Came from Jets and Bucs and then a ring with the Patriots.

-TE Martellus Bennett / Cowboys, Giants, Bears. Won a ring with Patriots.

-DE Chris Long / Rams, Won a ring with the Patriots then another ring with the Eagles.

-OLB Barkevious Mingo / Came from the Browns, Won a ring with Patriots.

-OLB Kyle Van Noy / Came over in a trade from the Lions, Won 2 with the Patriots.

And that’s just to name a few. But we know that the Patriots are going to run for the ultimate dynasty prize next season and make it lucky number seven. So who will it be to cross over from a dismal career? Will it be defensive end Demarcus Lawrence from the Cowboys? Or wide receiver John Brown from the Ravens?  We will have to stay tuned to find out!

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