Review Denver Broncos vs Oakland Raiders – The 2nd Half

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By Julie Dixon // @ABroncoNole   


The series of events that took place before the half pretty sums up the NFL life of Lynch. Missed opportunities, poor timing and bad luck. Despite a high ankle sprain, he threw a deep pass that few can do. It was over the shoulder, had perfect touch and into the bucket of our running back Devontae Booker for a TD.

On review, with only one angle to see and it was fuzzy, the TD is overruled. They decide he’s a 1/2 yard shy. On two plays, our backs couldn’t get anything. Lynch rolls to his left and throws a laser across his body right into TE Virgil Green. The ball bounces off, hits a Raider, bounces off him and drops into another raider as he’s falling down. It was a classic, are you kidding me, Blake unfortunate Bortles, interception. Had Green caught it, TD or had it dropped, we’d have kicked a FG.

Instead, the Raider marched 80 yards down the field as our defense rolled over. They notched two more. After the half, on back to back connections, after Musgrave finally called some passing plays, Lynch goes out, the ankle sprain had worsened.

Trevor Siemian goes in and throws two incompletions, we have no run, three and out, and repeat. Finally in the fourth quarter, we go hurry up and heavy pass, and it works. Image that. Oakland, being up three scores were just dialing it in defensively, but still, we got two TDs. In his less than two quarters of time, Siemian was given 21 passes. For the day, both signal callers completed half.

Of note, special teams was once again, not so special. Riley Dixon had some bad punts putting Oakland in good positions, while King pinned us back deep every time. Starting drives at the one and ten isn’t the receipt for success.

So, here we are. Two years of mothballing a first round draft pick and we still don’t know what he has because he’s going to be out 2-4 weeks and there’s only five games left. Even if he’s back in three, he’s still hobbled with very little practice time. Siemian, who was benched for Brock Osweiler in week 8, will finish the season, we assume. After 21 starts spent on him, we know what we have and it’s not enough.

So, Denver could potentially head into 2018 with zero quarterbacks, a new head coach, new OC, new QB coach, new TE coach and maybe more. We could end up with no wide receivers, too because other than Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders, the rest are, eh and Sanders will no doubt be dealt. Wolfe’s NFL career could be over, we drafted a DE and then tried to make him an OLB, so he has no experience. Our franchise is a mess. Not knowing who the QB will be for the third straight year is the tears on top of a cake made of misery. Please make it stop, John Elway.


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