Reviewing Josh Rosen’s debut with the Miami Dolphins

Lisa Johnson
AFC South & East Reporter

By Lisa Johnson //@LJ1303

If there was ever a week that the Dolphins needed a spark, this week was the one. Following a tumultuous week in the national spotlight, Coach Flores might have found himself a savior. Earlier in the week, following what he called a couple of great practices, Flores named quarterback Josh Rosen his starter in Dallas.

Now Miami will be able to see if Rosen will be a part of the restructuring process or possible trade bait for next year. Either way, it’s a welcome change that many fans have wanted.

Although Rosen’s Dolphins debut didn’t end in a win, Rosen showed many positives. The most noticeable was his pocket presence. Rosen has that quarterback “sixth sense” of when defenders are closing in on him. He used his mobility and strong arm to extend many of the Dolphins offensive plays during the first half.

ESPN Dolphins writer Cameron Wolfe wrote: “Rosen provided a strong initial spark, throwing for 156 yards in the first half, including what should have been two touchdown drives spoiled by receivers’ drops and other mistakes. He led four drives deep into Dallas territory, but the offense came out with just six points. In the second half, Rosen went 7-of-17 for 44 yards leading a completely stagnant offense that looked nothing like that bunch that showed progress in the first half. The final result ultimately wasn’t much different than when Ryan Fitzpatrick led the offense.”

While it wasn’t the outcome he wanted, Rosen was answered a few questions in the post-game presser:

How would you evaluate your start here today? — “I thought we got off to a pretty good start and started to taper a little bit. I don’t know, I couldn’t think of a particular moment in the game, but I definitely…. Some good, some bad. I’d say right in the middle.”

Rosen was also asked one of the main questions I hear a lot of Dolphins fans ask about their QBs:

Can you audible?  — “Yeah I can but that’s like given the set of circumstances that wasn’t my job. I thought we had a really good play with a really good look. I can’t say the actual name of the play but I think it was the third one I mis-Mike’d it when I motioned my guy over..I actually…I mis-Mike’d it and I had my receiver blocking a linebacker when he was supposed to be blocking a safety so it’s little things like that..even are on my play. So, yeah, so it’s very fluid and we wished we could have punched it in but hindsight is always twenty-twenty. We’ve just got to get down there a little more often.”

Then Coach Flores was asked about Rosen’s start:

“I thought Josh made some good throws early. Started off with the long ball to DeVante. That’s a good defense. I thought he was tough. Took a couple of hits. Stood in the pocket. Gave us some opportunities on some throws. The drops didn’t help him. That would have helped us as a team. We just didn’t get it done but overall, I thought he played alright.”

The feeling right now is that Rosen will get his second start in front of the home crowd as the Dolphins return to HardRock next week to face QB Phillip Rivers and the Chargers.

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