Romo as OC in Dallas could help Prescott

Wanda Wiedman,
NFL Reporter

By Wanda Wiedman // @WandaW63

The Dallas Cowboys made it to the Divisional Round only to see their season end against the Los Angeles Rams, finishing with a 10-6 record and champions of the NFC East.

Despite the demands of some fans and media analysts that believe it is time for head coach Jason Garrett to go (including myself), there is someone who could take the offensive play calling to a whole different level. That someone is former Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

Romo was ousted out of his job as signal caller in Dallas after an injury in preseason paved the way for then rookie, Dak Prescott to earn the coveted job. After a spectacular rookie season in 2016 and a 13-3 record, Romo knew his time in Dallas was over. He was even seen on the sideline of the final game saying, “Wow, it is his time.”

But like many retired players, the press box was the place to be and Romo jumped at it. But no one expected him to be so good at it. He made listening to the announcers fun again as he took you through plays, explaining what the quarterback sees and what the defense is doing. His excitement surpassed all other announcers when he would see a phenomenal pass executed perfectly. Even when a play was delivered poorly, he would describe in detail what the QB should have done or seen.

That’s the resume that Romo would bring to an offense, it seems to be what’s missing on the Dallas coaching staff. Don’t believe me? His amazing play-by-play call of the Patriots-Chiefs game should convince you.

In the fourth quarter with 56 seconds left on the clock, Romo calls out that if the defense double-teams tight end Rob Gronkowski, they will assume that QB Tom Brady is going to throw inside to wide receiver Julian Edelman, up the middle, but instead throws it to Gronk.

This would have been something Romo would have done if it was Jason Witten in on that play. Romo can see these plays in his head and would devise offensive schemes that would utilize Prescott’s strengths in the passing game. During the entire game, Romo gave viewers eyes like the quarterback and it was so refreshing!

His ability to call plays before they happen has CBS reportedly anxious to offer Romo a hefty raise to keep him on air. But if Romo is listening to the outside scuttle, he may be listening to other teams needing an offensive coordinator to take them to the promised land. If Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones is smart and Garrett wants job security, they should be knocking on Romo’s door to see if he would be interested in a sweet deal and a chance to get that coveted ring that has eluded him for so long.

If the Dallas Cowboys don’t grab him, Romo can just continue making the big bucks for CBS and giving free coaching film to other teams.


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