Seahawks know your enemy: The Detroit Lions

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By Dayna O’Gorman // @DaynaOG

There are a lot of football games every week, and when you only report regularly on one, it’s hard to keep up with all the comings and goings of each team. Other than raiding the Seahawks free agent closet by signing tight end Luke Willson and cornerback DeShawn Shead, I felt I had lost track of the Lions as a team.

I decided to sit down with OTFB’s Detroit Lions reporter, Sonja Greenfield, to get some insight about Seattle’s upcoming game in Detroit.

DO: The Lions are currently 3-3 on the season. Is this where you thought they’d be at this point?

SG: I have to answer this in two parts!  So, in the off/preseason I had the Lions going 11-5, and around this time they would have been 4-2.  But after the Jets came and curb stomped the Lions, I had to adjust my expectations!  3-3 is pretty much where I thought the Lions would be.  

DO: Both Seattle and Detroit had 0-2 starts, but have come back strong over the last few games. What has been the biggest change in the Lions you’ve seen since the beginning of the season?

SG:  Biggest change has been the run defense.  In their losses, they’ve given up 500 yards rushing.  They were able to put together two games where they only gave up a little over 200 yards rushing.  Big improvement.  Adding DT Damon Harrison can only help in that effort to improve the run defense.  I’d be remiss too if I didn’t mention running back Kerryon Johnson.  He’s been running the ball very well these past two games as well. 

DO:  Looking at this game in particular, what is the one area that Detroit needs to improve on to win this game?

SG: One area that they need to improve on is interceptions.  Currently, the defense only has two interceptions.  I’d love to see that number improve.  Corner Darius Slay seems to have lost a step in the past few games.  He was in concussion protocol not too long ago, so I’m wondering if that may have something to do with it.  Also, he does have a toe injury.  Those things are awful and can hinder you as well.  

DO: Detroit has had many additions this year, including a couple from Seattle. Of all the additions, who has made the biggest impact?

SG: Linebacker Devon Kennard came over as a free agent from the Giants.  He’s been a beast!  He’s had 18 tackles this year, and 6 of those were for losses.  He’s also had 6 QB hits.  Watch out for #42 Russell!! 

DO: Ok, play the game. Give me a score prediction.

SG: Ohhh…this is gonna be tough.  I feel like these two teams are pretty evenly matched, so it’s going to be a great game.  I’m going to say 27-24 Lions.


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