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By Dayna O’Gorman // @DaynaOG

The Seattle Seahawks missed the playoffs for the first time in 5 years. The team was riddled with injuries, but other problems were very evident. Fans had been screaming for changes in the coaching staff, and today, those fans got their wish.

The Seahawks lost 3 Pro Bowl players on defense to injuries this year. Cornerback Richard Sherman, safety Kam Chancellor, and defensive end Cliff Avril were lost for the season leaving a large hole in the normally stout defense. Surprisingly, the defense wasn’t the problem for a team that struggled more this season than in years past. The real problem seemed to be found in the offense.

Seattle let offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, and offensive line coach Tom Cable go today. There was speculation that these changes would be made as the problems on offense seemed to pile up in the 2017 season. In their seven years with the team, both Bevell and Cable had success with the offense. Both were with the team in the years the team went to the Superbowl, winning one, and had strong stats in the year after that.

The problems began to accumulate in the last two seasons. The Seahawks went from a bruising run-first offense to having only 4 rushing touchdowns, and having their quarterback Russell Wilson being their top rusher.  The offensive line was ranked one of the worst in the league for much of the last two seasons.

The team knows they have talent on offense. A franchise QB, strong wide receivers, and the possibility of a strong run game. The Seahawks seem to want a fresh set of ideas when it comes to the offense.

There is also a rumor that defensive coordinator Kris Richard may be on the way out too, however for different reasons. It has been said that Richard will be let out of his contract to pursue other options if he would like.

Fans had been calling for change for the last few years, but it looks as though it took missing the playoffs to make it happen.  A new set of eyes, a new thought, a new offense. It will be interesting to see if Seattle picks it up and runs with it.


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