Seahawks win over Chiefs prove Carroll’s philosophy still works

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By Dayna O’Gorman // @DaynaOG

Chiefs 31 – Seahawks 38

For the Seattle Seahawks, last nights win against the Kansas City Chiefs was about more than getting a 17-2 record in prime time games. Even about more than clinching a playoff spot. This was a game about proving that the last few years weren’t a fluke. This game and this season has been about showing the NFL that the system, the Pete Carroll philosophy, still works.

I’ll admit it. Anyone who follows me on Twitter already knows. I didn’t watch this game live. Couldn’t watch this game live. December football stresses me out too much so I often have to watch games the next morning to save my sanity and my blood pressure. After watching the game this morning I can tell you, I’ve seen this team before. I’ve seen this energy before. And although wide receiver Doug Baldwin won’t say it, I will. It feels like 2012 all over again.

The Chiefs are considered one of, if not the best, team in football. Everyone knew their defense was very suspect, but the amazing play of quarterback Patrick Mahomes and the rest of that crazed offense has been near impossible to stop. Seattle, having the best prime-time record in the NFL since 2012 and a solid defense, was given a sliver of hope to win, but just a sliver.

Hmmm… where have we heard that before?

Seahawks fans, go rewatch that game. It’s eerily similar to this year’s team. Ignore the fact that its extremely creepy to see Aaron Hernandez on the field, and you’ll see what I mean. Same type of passion and drive. Very good veteran defensive players, with a young and hungry secondary. An outstanding run game. Wide receivers who will go all out to make the big plays. The biggest difference between 2012 and 2018? Seattle’s quarterback isn’t a rookie who still has to learn. QB Russell Wilson is now the savvy veteran who gets better every year.

However, the consistent factor here is head coach Pete Carroll. In his post game press conference last night, Wilson was asked how Carroll is a different coach now. His answer says it all. “Pete hasn’t been different at all. He’s been the same ever since I’ve known him. He’s been consistent how he approaches his game, been consistent how he approaches his players. With love, with passion, with energy. He’s never changed. I think that’s what makes our culture so great.”

There has been a small subset of the Seattle fan base who think Carroll is past his prime and is having a hard time adapting to the new NFL. This season proves how wrong those fans are. This season also shows Carroll deserves to be up for Coach of the Year.

The system of building a young team around great veterans has worked beautifully. While it hurts fans to sometimes have to move on from our favorites, you all may remember my meltdown over losing Chris Clemons, the “young and hungry” ideology is working. Carroll is taking these young players, teaching them to play for each other, to play with a chip on their shoulder, and is turning them into winners. Just like 2012.

So what does all this mean going forward? Well, I’d have to agree with both Geoff and Evan in the above tweet. Seattle is going to do nothing but get better. Will they make the Super Bowl this year? I doubt it, but anything is possible. Will they next year? If history teaches us anything, that seems to be a much better possibility.

Oh, and then there is this.

Yes, this was for you, Paul. #GoHawks


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