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By Dayna O’Gorman // @DaynaOG

Los Angeles Rams 33 – Seattle Seahawks 31

The Seattle Seahawks played the current divisional leader, the Los Angeles Rams, at home on Sunday. Although the game ended in a close loss for Seattle, the fans got a glimpse of what life after the LOB would look like, and it wasn’t all bad.

Hey, remember when teams used to be able to play defense? Yeah, me too. Good times. Well, the Seattle Seahawks had one of the best of all times. The Legion of Boom will go down in history for their stealth-like quality that destroyed offenses, including the highest scoring offense of all time, the Peyton Manning led 2013 Denver Broncos.

During last season and this offseason, the LOB became a shell of itself. Members either retired, were traded, or let go. The only remaining founding member was safety Earl Thomas, who in week 4 of this season broke his leg for the second time in three seasons. With the contentious nature of his relationship with the front office, it would take a miracle for Seahawks fans to see him in a Seattle uniform again.

So with that injury, Seattle moved on from that vaunted defense and now has to look to the future. The game on Sunday against the formidable LA Rams was the first time we would see this future.

While there are still some very familiar names on the defense, names like linebacker Bobby Wagner, defensive end Frank Clark, cornerback Shaquill Griffin, and others, it was the new kids that everyone was watching.

Safety Tedric Thompson tried to fill the shoes of Thomas, and while that is an almost impossible task, he played better than some expected. Thompson had 6 tackles and an interception, yet he did struggle in other aspects.

He wasn’t alone in this, as the entire secondary often missed tackles and made mistakes. However, this shouldn’t have been a surprise to fans. Strong safety Bradley McDougald, a new star among the defense, is in his 6th season in the league.  The rest of the secondary, Griffin and Thompson are just in their 2nd season, and CB Tre Flowers is a rookie.

While the defense isn’t exactly what fans are used to, there is a lot of good there. The linebacker group is still one of the best in the league, and will only get better once LB K.J. Wright returns. The pass rush is getting stronger and showing signs of having that spark it once had.

I don’t want to only focus on the defense. The offense, especially the run game and offensive line, both greatly improved this week. This will be the third week Seattle had a 100-yard rusher, this week it was running back Chris Carson. It seems the Seahawks are getting back to their running ways.

Oh and that offensive line. They are offensive no more. They were up against two of the best defensive lineman in the game, defensive tackles Aaron Donald and Ndamukong Suh, and held their own. Many fans were worried quarterback Russell Wilson wouldn’t get out of this game alive, and not only was he alive, but he also had the protection he needed to have a great game.

Let’s be honest, very few thought Seattle would win this game. Most thought they wouldn’t even be able to keep up due to all the new pieces they have on this team, and the insane talent on the Rams. And yes, they lost 33-31. And I get many fans don’t believe in moral victories in football…however…if you just looked at this game as a glimpse of what can be, of what life after the LOB may look like? It’s not near as bleak as some thought.

The Legion of Boom can’t be replaced. It will forever be one of the golden eras of Seahawks football. But its time to let it go and focus on what’s to come next.


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