Senior Bowl: Day 2 practice impressions

OTFB Senior Bowl Correspondant

By Julie Dixon // @ABroncoNole


What stood out today is how much better the wide receivers for the South were over the North. You would think the better group of QBs from the North would help them, but that wasn’t the case today.

The players spent less time on the field giving interviews that on Tuesday, so it was tougher to grab them.

DE Andrew Brown showed off his quickness; he’s a shade under 6’4” so his height could be a concern, however, he has an 82” wingspan. Brown would like to play 3 technique in a 4-3 Defense. He started off playing LT before moving over to defense because he thought that position was boring, he wanted more action. Julius Peppers was his athletic hero.

Some standouts for the day were B. J. Hill, Brett Toth, Jaleel Scott, Will Hernandez, Byron Pringle, James Washington, Christian Campbell, Tyquan Lewis, Da’Shawn Hand, Allen Lazard, Cedrick Wilson and Jaylen Samuels. As far as QBs, both Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen improved over yesterday. It all comes down to taste. The guy with the arm who can hit all parts of the field and was clocked at 64MPH or the guy who throws with anticipation and is good on all the short throws.

Jordan Akins I think did best among the South TE’s. His cone quickness wasn’t great, but during play, his prowess showed up.

I caught back up with Austin Corbett and asked about what he wants to improve upon. In this clip he brings up Alabama DE Da’Shawn Hand who had a good day. Click link to see interview: Corbett – Day 2

Deon Yelder is listed as an OG on the roster (oops), he had a good day among the South TE’s. This class doesn’t many Big TE’s, but they are decent at catching.

Like all things, there is a huge swing in where people rate players and many are swayed by bias to school or need or the media, which is often told who to cover.

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