Day 3 at the Reese’s Senior Bowl brings focus to the lineman

Lisa Johnson
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By Lisa Johnson //@LJ1303

It was day 3 here in Mobile for me, both practice sessions were held inside at South Alabama University due to inclement weather, and it was standing room only. We were all ushered into one end zone. I decided to stay close to the goal post and pretty much made that my office for the day!

Today’s sessions consisted of watching the big boys upfront, the offensive linemen.

One of the linemen I followed closely and was excited to see in Mobile was Houston Cougars offensive linemen Josh Jones.  At 6’7″, 310 lbs,  Jones stayed very consistent during his three days here in Mobile. I had a chance to speak to Josh after practice today. I asked him about day 3 practice compared to day 1 practice. He told me he felt a world of difference.

He said today he felt his best since he has been here and is excited to show it in Saturday’s game. I asked him if he had a preference for where he would like to play. He told me he’ll play and learn anywhere on the line. All he wants is an opportunity.  He also told me he was excited to have his family coming in for the game and looked forward to spending some time with them.

Another lineman getting some serious attention, and for good reason, is North Carolina’s, Charlie Heck.  Charlie is no stranger to the NFL. His father Andy Heck played 11 season’s in the NFL with the Kansas City Chiefs, so he knows what it takes to reach the next level. I asked him what it is like being here and playing in the Senior Bowl. He told me he is having fun and is just taking it all in.

All of these players are just trying to get an opportunity to show what they can do. You’re not going to find one guy here that doesn’t think he has a shot at the next level. That, after all, is the ultimate goal for all these players here this week.

I can also tell you that if executive director Jim Nagy didn’t think these players had what it takes, none one of them would be here. All it takes is one outstanding play to get you noticed. So many of these players have told me all week that they have this week to start the process of getting them to the next step.

And that next step is the NFL combine coming in February.


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