She Loves Football

By Liz Panucci // @PanucciLiz


My love of the NFL game started when I was a teenager, playing a board game called Strat-O-Matic Football with one of my brothers. Basically, it is the old school version of a Madden NFL video game. We spent many fun hours coaching our teams. The game came down to strategy, both offense and defense, and a simple roll of the dice.

I have had a soft spot for the Miami Dolphins since the ‘80s. It was during their dominant years with quarterback Dan Marino that I really became hooked. I attended my first live NFL game November 18, 2010 at SunLife Stadium in Miami. What a milestone.

There were so many women there enjoying the game – just like me. From that day on, I was determined to connect female sports fans and I knew the best way was online. That is how NFLFemale, and now Our Turf Football, came to be. Through social media, mostly twitter, a large group has formed here of intelligent female sports fans. The joy of talking football with this group is obvious when one sees the continuous smiles and laughter when we get together.

I am proud to be associated with this fine group of women, aka my Sisters.

Currently, you can join us chatting NFL at @OurTurfFB, NASCAR at @NASCARFemale and MLS soccer @MLSFemale. Next in the works is @NHLFemalecom. Follow them all.


About Me

I am Canadian and live in a beautiful resort town – Kelowna, BC.

I have two beautiful daughters who have both made me a much loved Grandma! My professional background is helping others through Energy Kinesiology. I spend a lot of time with friends and family helping them remain positive, highlighting their strengths in life and having fun.

As far as exercise, I will play any sport, any time, with volleyball being my favorite. I am definitely a team sport kind of person. Jogging/running alone is at the bottom of my list of fun things to do.

My vision going forward, is continuing to enhance inner confidence in women while creating opportunities for female sports fans to follow their passion – discovering their own sense of belonging in the sports world.


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