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By Sonja Greenfield @Mom23RN

February 28 – March 6

The COMBINE!! (Or Underwear Olympics)

One of my favorite offseason events.   It’s always fun to armchair GM to see who potentially is going to change the face of your franchise.  Personally, I enjoy it because I love watching the players do their drills.  I don’t know why…I guess I’m just weird that way!  Plus, I enjoy listening to the analysts break down what they’re looking for and who has a good motor and good hands or who’s got a good backpedal.   You know…The details!

It certainly has evolved over the years, and now that it’s televised, it’s pretty cool.    So much like my other articles throughout the season, I will post my big winner and my not big winner of the combine.   Of course, you can feel free to disagree.  I mean, there were 330 players there, and I’m only picking 2.  OK fine, I’ll pick 3.  It is the Underwear Olympics.  You have to have a gold, silver and bronze.

Gold:  Hasson Reddick, defensive lineman out of Temple.  Now, I’m going to do a little more research into him, but the preliminaries (i.e. what I saw at combine) was good.  Speedy guy, had good drills, and fun to watch.  He’d be much more fun to watch rushing Aaron Rodgers, but that’s besides the point.   Whoever ends up drafting him will get a pretty speedy pass rush kid who sees himself as a Von Miller type.  Yes please!

Silver:  The obligatory quarterback, Clemson’s Deshawn Watson.   National champion Deshawn Watson.  People already had him going in the 1st round, so the only thing he could do is drop.  But he didn’t.  He impressed everyone with his speed and his ball skills.     Silver for Mr. Watson.

Bronze:  Running back Christian McCaffrey.  Needs no introduction.  He had a great, great combine.  He was quick and he was smooth.  Man on man, he was smooth.  In a combine where we saw Florida State’s running back Dalvin Cook fall just a little bit, Christian MCaffrey will, for sure, fill in that void on the draft boards.

Got any hot takes on the combine?  I’m around on Twitter, and I’d love to hear your takes!!

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