Six cities, three weeks, one American sports obsessed Scottish lass

Shona Duthie
Podcaster, writer, editor

By Shona Duthie // @ShonaDuthie4

About the author: Shona is Sub-editor (sport) for @dct_media, co-host for the popular @GridironWine podcast, editor for @PFN365, and writer for @ninetynineyards

Heading back to the States was always a big plan of mine after I spent three months across the pond five and a half years ago.

What I find quite funny about this now, and if some of you have read my stuff elsewhere, you will know I was on an NFL boycott due to a guy I was dating dumping me out of the blue.To explain, he was, and I think still is, a Green Bay Packers fan, and he was the one that got me into the Harbaugh Bowl, also known as the Brother Bowl.

Well, thanks to Seattle winning that glorious trophy, and for my friend deciding to do a weekend trip there, I caught the Hawks bug – hook, line, and sinker. And it just so happened we won the 2014 NFC Championship against the Packers… in your face dude!!

Ahem… so back to now, having a tough time down in London made me realize I needed a trip for myself and, post my move back home to Scotland, I made it happen.

I’ll be starting in Chicago, heading along to Ann Arbor, driving to Detroit, flying to Boston, Megabus to New York, and then my final flight to Seattle. Most cities are incorporating some type of sport – mostly football. My plan was to fangirl loudly at seeing Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan Wolverines and also seeing the Seattle Seahawks, but that soon changed.

I found out the day I was due to leave Ann Arbor, the Lions are taking on the Cowboys. Trust me, if I can watch a game where Jerry Jones may lose (please Lions!)? I am there!

New York will be all about the Knicks and if I have time I may go see the NY Rangers, but Chicago could also be a possibility to go see the Blackhawks – options are quite endless Stateside.

My week in Seattle will consist of two games, first I will head to the Apple Cup. I am so excited about it has almost rendered me speechless – I am attending Husky Stadium! Then it’s the big one, Seahawks taking on the Vikings in Monday Night Football. While the weather might be in the minus’s in some cities, yep looking at you Chicago and Boston, I can’t wait to embark on my solo tour.

I have been obsessed with the NFL for around six years now. I watched some games when I was younger when it used to be on Channel 5 (UK programme), but I have never seen a game in the US. We are lucky to have some teams come over to London but to experience the tailgates, the bright lights, the atmosphere in four games, for a whole month while touring one of my favorite places to visit – I can’t begin to explain or even contain my excitement.

U.K., see you soon, I am off to America!

P.S I am hoping Walmart has a good chino/ navy jumper section as I may have to dress like Jim at the Big House since I have mentioned it to a few folks…

(Editors note: Can’t wait to see Shona in those chinos and navy sweater!)

You can follow Shona and her sports journey in the States at @ShonaDuthie4

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